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#1 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Debian menu not working » 2015-05-22 16:14:29

I notice in #5 you have

<menu id="Debian"  />

this should be

<menu id="/Debian" />

#2 Re: News & Announcements » The end. » 2015-02-06 15:19:10

Cheers mate & thanks

#!er till the end and beyond (?)

#3 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » VNC problem ( this the end of my Extentia...?) [resolved] » 2014-05-14 08:12:57

I agree and I will have a try at fixing VNC, it would be a shame to leave it as it is
when it was working fine. For me it's a case of back to basic understanding,
as I tend to just run things without a thought about what is going on.

& me too, plenty of time in between walking my dogs, watching the  swifts in the sky
around my house and following the English football teams inevitable decline in the forthcomming
Soccer world cup. lol

#4 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » VNC problem ( this the end of my Extentia...?) [resolved] » 2014-05-13 10:29:47

Found time to access by ssh all seems OK
ran moc & played through the Elonex built in speakers
(its got a quite good sound with a little sub woofer)
Now the hard part as I have to start thinking cli for all things.

#5 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » VNC problem ( this the end of my Extentia...?) [resolved] » 2014-05-13 09:54:29

Thanks again WuFu

That's not the card in my Elonex it was  a media centre thingy lots of S vid & other in/out
but no DVI.

Regarding the remote access your nudge that if sshfs works then so will ssh,
got me thinking that I don't really need VNC to  get the functionality
I need from the Elonex eg I was using mplayer on cli to get the dvd stream.

I  will mark this topic as "solved" and study more in depth ssh, all great fun.
ssh and cli the way to go, I'll begin thinking I am a grownup #!er!

I'll probably be back, for more help, thanks for your ideas.


#6 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » VNC problem ( this the end of my Extentia...?) [resolved] » 2014-05-12 22:10:06

Thanks for the reply WuFu

Great  link had not seen these pics though I have searched disassembly,
mine does not look that bad, I am running it from an external power supply
so it is partially in bits.
You've given me some hope with your hints, I will delve into configs etc.

#7 Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » VNC problem ( this the end of my Extentia...?) [resolved] » 2014-05-12 19:45:57

Replies: 7

The built-in screen on my old Elonex Extentia "all in one" (#! Statler & XP dual boot)
don't work no more & there is no alternative output for an external monitor.

For awhile I was running the old machine via VNC off my laptop, up to date Wheezy.
( to use it's DVD writer & firewire input from an old Sony camcorder )
I've not ran it for about 3 months and now there is no access on VNC,
it asks for a password which I enter but then nothing.

Terminal output;

Connected to RFB server, using protocol version 3.7
Performing standard VNC authentication

...and then after password entry....

 Authentication failure

I think I remember the set up before and there was no password required.

When I sshfs to the Elonex machine I have to use sudo & enter the Elonex password
& then to access  the Elonex File system I have to open Thunar as root,
but it works so the password I'm using for the Elonex is valid.
So I'm thinking the Elonex on VNC is maybe asking for a root password.

I don't know what has changed,
I can only think I  did an update last time I had the Elonex running on VNC,
but I don't remember.

So I've got access to the Elonex file system. graphical output
can't get to change Bios  so no rescue live system
can't update grub to maybe run XP and have remote access from there,
so is this the end of the Elonex...any ideas?

#8 Re: Tips, Tricks & Scripts » Enjoy Netflix in #! natively » 2014-03-05 21:40:15

This works great for watching Sky Go in the UK, on 32bit lenovo, in iceweasel.

Thanks thredith

#10 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » basic (simple?) shell script / cli question (resolved) » 2014-01-14 16:01:47

thanks Iann and Bronto (will ignore, but why?), more study required by me to understand the differences...good fun....

#11 Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » basic (simple?) shell script / cli question (resolved) » 2014-01-14 15:42:46

Replies: 5


I've got 40 or so single line text files (notes taken from a an old Nokia phone)
I want to append these files to a single file.

cat Nokia*.txt >> notes

works fine, to give a space between lines, I use on the cli

cat Nokia*.txt >> notes |  sed 'G' notes > notes

this works fine and produces the desired result.

when I make a a two line shell script to do this, using the same lines


cat Nokia*.txt >> notes
sed 'G' notes > notes

the result is an empty file. I would be grateful for an explanation as to the reason for this, anyone help?



cat Nokia*.txt >> notes
sed 'G' notes >> notes

produces a file with the the list and then the list double spaced, I can understand this.


cat Nokia*.txt >> notes1
sed 'G' notes1 > notes
rm notes1

gives me the file 'notes' as wanted, I can understand this, it's the different results from the apparently same lines
on the cli and then the two line shell script which puzzles me.

#12 Re: Tips, Tricks & Scripts » Little MOC how-to » 2013-06-14 19:43:36

..I've had the same problem since new #! install, re-installed as per Ivan's suggestion i.e without moc-ffmpeg-plugin & now alls well,
...thanks Ivanovnegro !!!

#13 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » [SOLVED] Few questions from a newbie » 2011-05-01 21:37:04

Hi bodis,

I set up  wbar  on a laptop ( for my not so computer savvy wife ) #! statler ob.
I think installing  wbarconf  made it easy,  & adding something like...

(sleep 6s && wbar -pos center -isize 40 idist 10) &

to the end of the file enabled it on start up.
It works OK as my wife mainly only wants to access a few things, web, email, music, pics.
The only problem is I think If you're not too familiar with linux,  changing the default font is not obvious.
Give it another try It might be worth it.

Mr Hee

#14 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » [SOLVED]netbook(eM250) speakers not working, new to linux » 2011-03-24 14:16:12

Don't feel so bad Avvoltoio, many of us have done something similar,
and even when you get the feel for linux things like that will still happen, (but not as often )!!
Speaking for myself here:D

#15 Re: Feedback & Suggestions » Confessions of a cheater » 2011-02-14 16:39:10

Hi  Yikes,

You call that cheating...
I've reinstalled XP off an old recovery disc, literally dusted off, found at the bottom of a box in the loft space,
so I could feed into my old elonex box some very old VHS. After 3 months of trying with linux I gave up ( and nearly spent money, shudder, on domestic dvd recorder ), must take years of study and self denial to work out TV cards & tuners & tweek mencoder.

Now this XP malarkey,  while doing the job, sure is a culture shock! I've had to paint my spectacles black to feel at home.

Still got the tranquility of #! on lap top.

Mr Hee

#16 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » [RESOLVED] No Printing from GIMP » 2011-01-27 16:32:05

Thanks Piraja,

All sorted,
#!ers have all the answers...!

Mr Hee

( I did have a poke in Debian Bugs, I'll have to search better next time,
not that I would have known what to do ).

#18 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » [RESOLVED] No Printing from GIMP » 2011-01-24 13:54:46

Thanks for reply merelyjim.........

thats whats so odd Cups seems OK, & GIMP is talking to the printer
the paper just feeds through, together with a blank output from print preview,
print to file & PDF makes me think its something else missing for my GIMP.

I've done a complete remove &  install of GIMP on both machines, but still no
output from the normal print option.

I am an avid app installer, just a hint of a recommend & I'm in synaptic
(quite a shock when I open  an XFCE session, all those things in the menu, alt-menu a great hider of stuff)
so perhaps there's some conflict or been a removal of something.

GIMP-gutenprint works as do other printing apps, so not a huge problem, will keep probing,
& probably it will resolve itself over time with GIMP updates.

Mr hee

#19 Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » [RESOLVED] No Printing from GIMP » 2011-01-23 19:22:50

Replies: 6

Hello #!ers
Up to date Statler 10
I recently noticed that I can't print from GIMP (think i must've printed something in the last 2 months).
This is on both PC & ideapad.
Printing OK with other apps, ooffice, hp device manager, gtklp etc....
& GIMP printing OK with a live  openSUSE on usb.
I've just installed  gutenprint & this does print, but the normal GIMP print option, goes through all usual processes,
ie progress bar & the paper through the printer, but nothing printed, also  print preview & print to PDF, blank result.
No clues on either Debian or GIMP sites.
Has anyone any ideas?

#21 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » [RESOLVED] Can't Boot from hard drive » 2010-11-03 22:14:55

Ha, good fun, but too much trouble, I am dual bootin already, thought I needed win7 for a couple of things,
but I'm going to live without them, after only 1 month win7 is going.

#22 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » [RESOLVED] Can't Boot from hard drive » 2010-11-03 21:56:56


thats too easy!! all systems go, chugging along gently & loading cb welcome right now.

A partition did have a boot flag earlier, but I must have been confused, too many partitions must have put it on the wrong one.

& didn't notice when I cleaned & reinstalled.

thanks kuno & luc, there must be a few more years in the old box.

Now about this flakey win7 on the notebook...............

#23 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » [RESOLVED] Can't Boot from hard drive » 2010-11-03 21:41:45


thanks for replies,

Luc I used gparted to check disks, uses e2fsck, nothing flagged as wrong.

Kuno, ,no it isn't I'll try adding a boot flag.

#24 Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » [RESOLVED] Can't Boot from hard drive » 2010-11-03 18:47:10

Replies: 9

Hi #!ers,

My 6 years old Elonex Exentia pc wont boot from the Hard Drive. Pentium 4, 512ram, 200gb ATA.

Working fine 5 hours ago, decided I would take #! ubuntu off the hard drive, was 4 booting with statler o/b and xfce, and a salix.
all seemed to go well re- partitioned space from the #! ubuntu, and expanded my home extended partition on statler o/b.

Don't remember doing anything different to what I've done a dozen times before. But on rebooting after reinstall of #! o/b all I got was a
black screen & :-
"Non-system disk --insert boot disk and press any key"

Checked BIOS for boot priority, and tried to boot from Hard Drive  directly, but still the same screen.
Since then I've fiddled quite a lot, and now have a cleaned drive and a fresh install of just statler o/b /,  /home & swap partitions.
Live disk works fine using it now, but no boot from Hard Drive.
Gparted sees partitions ok. Methinks it's something more than an install issue, its gone crunch but no bang yet, any ideas out there?

Mr Hee

#25 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » advice sought on partition for a new note book (RESOLVED) » 2010-10-27 13:30:27

Thanks for all ideas Unia.

Good suggestion, but I'm a gentleman tinkerer, not a messer!

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