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#1 Re: Tips, Tricks & Scripts » How to install #! Waldorf on a UEFI machine with preinstalled W7 » 2013-11-25 19:30:18

Hi everyone!

I am new to Crunchbang, but I like the live CD a lot.  My issue is that I got through the install just fine, and it says it installed GRUB in the MBR, but I have Win 8, so EFI does not load from MBR, right?  I tried the method listed here, and got to the part where you make the USB with  bootx64.efi and shellx64.efi in it.  shellx64_v2.efi, actually.  It was recommended by the Arch Linux forum. 

I booted using the USB in UEFI mode, like instructed, and I got a command line that started with Grub> instead of Shell>

I put in

Shell> bcfg boot add 0 fs1:\EFI\crunchbang\grub.efi "Crunchbang (GRUB2)"

but it came back with an invalid command.

Can anyone help me out? I'll provide more info if needed.  Thanks a bunch!

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