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#1 Re: News & Announcements » The end. » 2015-02-06 20:02:35

Philip -You built such a great distro and a great community to go along with it. I had such great times here and learned a lot while I was at it. Thank you.

I understand your decision completely.. but it still makes me sad. ;-)

Crunchbang Ninja


#2 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » Wallpaper - The Equation » 2014-02-25 18:03:27

damo wrote:

Nice to see you again smile I hope you weren't offended, but since you hadn't been around for a long time afaik, I thought I'd jump in with GIMP

Nope. Exactly the opposite. Pleased, not offended. smile

#3 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » Wallpaper - The Equation » 2014-02-25 16:45:16

Hey guys..

Good to see people still riff on ideas. smile

I've bundled up the original svg file (with images embedded) if anyone wants to play with the original thing in Inkscape:

#4 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » Open gimp, Close eyes, Draw cat. » 2011-09-01 12:58:39

lol.. My blind mousing skills are better than I thought.. but unfortunately my cat is blind too. big_smile


#5 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » #! Ninja Refinements » 2011-05-11 08:29:34

Finally found it. smile

So here's two images. Both of them are "transparent" but one still has the overall radial gradient shading and the other doesn't. The difference between them should be apparent immediately when you put a background under them.

Download Links: … adient.png … adient.png

#6 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » #! Ninja Refinements » 2011-05-09 16:17:13

@Milozzy - You're welcome! smile  Glad you like it.

I'll have to check on the transparent version when I'm back at home. I don't seem to have the SVG of that one on my Dropbox for some reason. If I can find the SVG file, then it should be no problem to generate one with a transparent background. I'll have a look and let you know.

#7 Artwork & Screenshots » CB on the Beach » 2011-03-26 01:02:28

Replies: 1

Taken today during my last vacation day down here in Myrtle Beach. smile Shot with my Galaxy S phone. Thought someone might make use of it. Or not.

Direct Link:


#8 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » Who's driving? » 2011-03-16 02:12:00

That's clearly one of the Malachi brothers... (likely you have to be in your mid-40's and up on American sitcoms to get that reference LOL).


#9 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » CB wallpaper for Android phone » 2011-02-10 04:05:07

FiniteStateMachine wrote:

I feel like we need an android thread in the general forum to post screenshots and stuff. Are you rooted rfquerin?

Sadly, I lost my N1 last weekend. Still in mourning (think it may have gotten crushed in a snowy parking lot). I did pick up a Samsung Galaxy S (Fascinate here on Telus Mobility). And while I'm finding it pretty slick, I have to say the N1 was my first smartphone and will always hold a special place for me. Yeah... reading that back it sounds simply retarded, but man I loved that phone. wink

Would have liked to stay unlocked from a carrier contract and get a Nexus S after the N1, but the money was just not there. neutral

Still, the Samsung is pretty damn nice and definitely snappier than my N1 was in many respects (down to GPU mostly I guess). I just hope I don't have to wait too long for updates. Don't want to root it but that's always an option I guess.

#10 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » CB wallpaper for Android phone » 2011-02-10 03:58:16

rabbitofdeath wrote:

that is slick! could you make desktop sized ones? (1024x768, 1280x1024, etc) That would be awesome smile

Done! Yeah I know this is a month late wink. I've edited the original post to include some links to some desktop sized versions.

#11 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » Decruftification Services T-Shirt ;) » 2011-01-26 22:18:26

rstrcogburn wrote:

sportin' some community artwork!!


got the t-shirt too but gave it to my little bro who uses #! so he could be a crunchbangster too

Love it!!  Looks great on the hoodie.

You really didn't have to take off the eyepatch for the photo though! big_smile

ps. - we should really have a 'here's an actual pic of me' thread for those who want to post one. That sort of thing can strengthen community on a forum (not that it's not strong here already).

#12 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » Decruftification Services T-Shirt ;) » 2011-01-02 00:08:40

merelyjim wrote:

Hey, rfquerin, would you mind if I used this logo for some background images? I thing it would look good incorporated into wall-papers.

I don't plan on altering the design, but maybe replacing the black or white with different textures...

I won't do anything without your permission, because you know, your stuff is... well, your stuff. smile


Nope, take it and run with it. Thats exactly why I posted the SVG file in my original post up top. Have at it! smile

#13 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » CB wallpaper for Android phone » 2010-12-16 11:40:01

Andreas wrote:

really nice smile
who made the picture of the clouds?

I did. smile

#14 Artwork & Screenshots » CB wallpaper for Android phone » 2010-12-16 03:34:33

Replies: 12

Here's a simple #! wallpaper formatted for my Nexus One (960x800):

Direct Link:


And a few more desktop-ish sizes (finally!) at the request of rabbitofdeath. Not sure why it took me so long to get around to doing this. My bad. I'm getting old - my excuse for pretty much everything I do wrong these days. wink

1024x768 version:

1280x1024 version:

1440x900 version:

#15 Artwork & Screenshots » Icy. » 2010-12-10 04:40:02

Replies: 5

I was doing some fiddling with a photo I shot years ago, experimenting with the raster effects in Inkscape and it struck me as something that crunchbangers might like as a winter wallpaper. It's unbranded, and I've included the original for those who don't dig the painterly effect.

It also makes me realize I don't shoot near enough these days.

Hope you like it.

Direct Links:



#16 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » Decruftification Services T-Shirt ;) » 2010-11-26 05:36:38

@rstrcogburn - edited the post to show the overall tee to show logo size. That first closeup shot makes it look like the logo is huge. wink

#17 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » Decruftification Services T-Shirt ;) » 2010-11-26 05:18:53

Here's a fairly close up pic of the actual shirt (from the Crunchbang Store). I think the quality of the graphic on the shirt itself is pretty good. Just posting this to give people an idea of the quality. The actual size of the logo is a little bit larger than what I showed on my mockup in the first post. It looks great on an actual tee!!

[edit: Added overall shot to show logo size on actual tee]

Direct link to full size image for download ~6MB (for better checking of quality maybe):



#18 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » Splatter wallpapers » 2010-11-24 05:10:52

Hanna wrote:

It looks very cool. I think I might change my Alan Rickman wallpaper to that tongue (could it possible to have wallpaper for 4:3 resolution?)

Almost forgot about this... So I've now exported a few other options:

I didn't save the original colours (except the green) so the blue will be slightly different than the original version. Didn't try to hard to match it and I'm inherently lazy. tongue

I've also made 'transparent' png versions of both the 1280x800 version and the larger 4x3 version (which is 1920x1440 btw). This way, you can put whatever the heck you want under there! smile Either a solid colour or something completely different.

Here they are.. the file names should be self-explanatory: … nt_4x3.png

#19 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » What Graphic Apps do you use? » 2010-11-24 04:46:27

rstrcogburn wrote:

anyone tried MyPaint for a Painter/Wacom replacement?

I like using MyPaint with my Wacom Graphire3 tablet every once in a while in a futile attempt to improve my computer sketching skills. While not perfect, the brush handling seems much better to me than in the Gimp.

btw - It's so frustrating to me that if you choose a large brush size in the Gimp - say for doing dodge and burn, or adding a vignette layer to a photo - the lag makes it almost completely unusable. Grrr.

My daughter seems to gravitate toward MyPaint now and again as a sort of step up from something like TuxPaint.

I'm trying to justify it to myself to get a larger tablet, but my sketching skills don't yet convince me. wink Case in point:



#20 Artwork & Screenshots » Splatter wallpapers » 2010-11-19 03:34:57

Replies: 11

I was messing around a little with Inkscape and some splatter textures and came up with these. Got lazy with the font.. should really do some more interesting typography stuff.


#21 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » Inset stone logo wallpaper in blue, orange or green » 2010-11-19 03:28:27

Thanks for all the nice comments. Glad you guys like them.

@rstrcogburn - I actually tried going a little more 'neon' with them, adding a slight glow around the text, but it didn't look very realistic. Instead I bumped down the saturation a bit and went for the sort of anodized colour look. - and btw constructive criticism is always welcome.

#23 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » Decruftification Services T-Shirt ;) » 2010-11-12 10:52:55

Thanks for the nice comments.

richs-lxh wrote:

That's awesome! Just spread the link all over identica and twitter. Keep up the good work.... i'm off to buy some iron-on transfers today. Bet i'm the first person in Spain with that t-shirt smile

LOL. Nice.

EDIT: Link appears to be a black square, no logo hmm

The SVG file is really only for work in Inkscape, not sure if a browser will render it. It *should* work okay in Inkscape.

Anyway, I've edited my initial post to give two links to large PNG versions of both a white and black version of the logo image. These should be good enough for any iron-on transfer/printing needs people might have. If you need a higher-res version of either, and have trouble with the svg file, just let me know.

rstrcogburn wrote:

Just found out about Screencasters.  I'm in love with these tutorials man.  Thanx for what yall are doing.

Yeah we just do them because we like sharing what we learn. Glad you enjoy them. We're on a bit of a hiatus at the moment but we have every intention of doing more tutorials. I'll hopefully be getting back on that horse in a week or two.

#24 Artwork & Screenshots » Decruftification Services T-Shirt ;) » 2010-11-12 05:46:09

Replies: 28

Here's a fun one. I think without the name there people would see it and say.. "what the heck is that?" To which you can reply with all the gusto (or lack thereof) you want. wink

Link to SVG - for use in Inkscape:  (Note: This is a relatively large file (4MB) because the masking image thato creates that 'distressed' look is embedded in it.)

Links to large PNG files with transparent backgrounds: … 0x1500.png  (slightly off white for use on dark shirts) … 0x1500.png  (slightly off black for use on light shirts)


#25 Artwork & Screenshots » Dark and Simple » 2010-11-10 05:07:55

Replies: 2

For those who just want to rest their bleary eyes. wink Touch of noise and subtle type and gradient. Definitely no chance of getting a monitor tan from this one. tongue

The font has two variations CodeBold (used here) and CodeLight. It can be found here.. it's freeware I believe:

Direct link to 1280x800 image:


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