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#2 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Continuing support <?> » 2015-02-08 19:45:26

Can I still install #! ? I have an old-ish desktop that will thrive on the 32 bit version, and would be useful for as long as Wheezy is supported.

#3 Re: Feedback & Suggestions » The Beginning. » 2015-02-07 16:51:23

Debian Jessie already comes with OpenBox de, although not a patch on #!, so it's part way there right now

#5 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » VMWare Player » 2015-02-04 14:58:57

Yeah, I downloaded and installed VB .deb from the website, will have a look at it when I get a chance, thanks.

#6 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » VMWare Player » 2015-02-04 09:28:07

I've tried VB it's  in most Linux repos, but usb.....has been a disaster lately with VB. I need the usb connectivity and VMWare handles it faultlessly
I installed VMWare Player to a vanilla Debian Wheezy recently, worked like a charm.
Any way, I only need VMWare for occasional work days (Windows 8 is very good at taking permission ownership from a Windows hdd when saving data before a Windows re-install) so I am now using it on Linux Mint XFCE partition (so I can have four years without any re-installs) and then use #! for my general day to day stuff (it's fast, as you know).
Having said all that, learning to get VMWare working on #! will do me a power of good and teach me a thing or two, so thanks for your pointers, I will try them out.

#8 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » VMWare Player » 2015-02-02 16:33:55

I found the command to start it but it complains about some kernel modules that need compiling and inserting - so not being that deeply technical, I admitted defeat.
I have it working in Mint 17.1 on another partition for now (formerly SolydK BE but the new update for that was a disaster).
I wonder how your install differs from mine for VMWare to work?

#9 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » VMWare Player » 2015-02-01 17:02:52

Sorry to bump this thread after so long.
I finally got vmware player installed, but i don't know the command to start it so that I can add it to the menu.
I've tried a few but all I get is no such file or directory.
Any ideas anyone?

#11 Re: CrunchBang Talk » Crunchbang on an SSD? » 2015-01-07 20:23:08

Post #6 had a good idea if you have a card reader slot on the laptop or desktop.
I must look about an ssd myself this year.

#13 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » VMWare Player » 2014-08-31 15:41:05

Thanks, just tried that with KWheezy and it's no-go just get a screen full of eula followed by a prompt to agree then it loops around to the same output.

root@kwz:/home/ian# sh VMware-Player-6.0.3-1895310.x86_64.bundle
Extracting VMware Installer...done.
No protocol specified
No protocol specified
You must accept the VMware Player End User License Agreement to
continue.  Press Enter to proceed.

I will install #! and give it a try though once I have done my Network+ exam and have some actual free time.
Thanks for your fast reply.

#14 Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » VMWare Player » 2014-08-31 15:25:53

Replies: 18

Is it possible to install VMWare Player to Crunchbang?
If so does anyone have a quick tutorial on how to do it please?
I managed to get it installed to SolydX without any trouble simply by dragging the downloaded bundle to a root terminal, but this doesn't seem to work with other distros. I don't have a Crunchbang install presently, I am using KWheezy, although I have used Crunchbang a lot in the past.
My aim is to run Windows 8.1 in a vm to copy and save user profile data from Windows computers before re-installing Windows to the original machine. This is to fix infested Windows computers and hand them back a refreshed machine with their own data intact.
Windows 8.1 is very adept at this process without any arguments about permisions etc.
I cannot stomach the thought of actuall installing Windows anything to a real partition as part of a dual/multi boot.
Why Crunchbang? Well it is very light and will not tax the ram / cpu too much while running a heavy vm like Windows 7/8 and would suit the purpose very well, plus Windows will be inside a Linux cage wink
Any help greatly appreciated

#16 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Pen or Pencil? » 2013-10-01 11:33:37

cchhrriiss121212 wrote:
excollier wrote:

Pencil - simpler technology will always endure. Remember how (allegedly) NASA spent a fortune developing the the ballpoint that pumped ink to the tip for zero gravity use? The Russians just took pencils into space.....says a lot for sensible thinking.

That is a popular myth.

I prefer a pencil over a pen, easier to cheat in golf.

I did say "allegedly".....but that kind of thinking trumps technology overuse.

#17 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Pen or Pencil? » 2013-10-01 08:19:27

Pencil - simpler technology will always endure. Remember how (allegedly) NASA spent a fortune developing the the ballpoint that pumped ink to the tip for zero gravity use? The Russians just took pencils into space.....says a lot for sensible thinking.

#18 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Music: what band / artist do you think is the most boring one? » 2013-09-26 10:16:33

Daniel O'Donnell - undoubtedly the most yawn inducing artist on the planet.
Here in Donegal, ireland where he hails from, they think he is brilliant - who knows why, though? There really is no accounting for taste.

#19 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Which TV series do you watch/like/don't like.... » 2013-09-12 07:57:52

gutterslob wrote:

I find it appalling that this thread has gone on for 5 pages with no mention of Red Dwarf.
Smegging retards, the lot of ya!!

One of my favourites too. There is, or was recently, a new series showing on one of the more obscure channels, but I watched it and it's lost it somehow. Craig Charles is too busy with Coronation Street anyway (so I believe).
It was a classic - the super cool "Cat" transformed into Dwayne Dibbley...priceless.

#20 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Which TV series do you watch/like/don't like.... » 2013-09-09 15:55:46

ChickenPie4Tea wrote:

+1 Breaking bad
+1 6 feet under (drama and comedy abt a family of undertakers)
+1 Dexter - Dark humor
+1 Father Ted - Quirky irish humor
Seinfeld re-runs
Hitch-Hikers guide to the galaxy - British TV series much better than the film but the original book series by Douglas Adams is fantastic - sooo funny and original

Did you ever listen to the radio series of Hitch-Hikers Guide? It was broadcast in the UK before the tv series, it was excellent - made the imagination work overtime just like the book. Broadcast by the BBC way back...

#22 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Microcomputing... from Pi to Beagles and everything in between » 2013-08-30 21:25:19

I use my Raspberry Pi, headless, for downloading Linux os via bit torrents overnight (slow connection) and as my printer server. It's cheap to run and ticks over for weeks without a shutdown. Great bit of kit.

#23 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Partition issue » 2013-08-27 19:39:12

You got that before I deleted it. I hope it's right (I type too slowly,and several got in before me)

#25 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » What are you listening to right now ? » 2013-08-24 12:10:06

The Classic TT 500cc race commentary from the Isle of Man streaming from the web.

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