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#1 Re: Tips, Tricks & Scripts » How to install #! Waldorf on a UEFI machine with preinstalled W7 » 2014-04-21 20:41:13

Why doesn't someone create an automated script that is tested and bulletproof.

I would love to rub\n Crunch Bang but my stupid UEFI computers won't let me do it.

I am NOT a command line kind of guy. I just want to use Crunch Bang alongside Windows 8.1 and enjoy both.

#2 Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Help Crunchbang Won't Install on Acer Aspireone AOA110. » 2009-05-12 01:42:45

Replies: 3

HELP! I love Crunchbang and am hooked on it but I can only run it as a live distro. When I try to install it hangs after about 75% just at the part where it is configuring, after having copied all of the files.

Any ideas? Its not nice of you guys to get me hooked, then not deliver - LOL!:)

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