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#2 Re: CrunchBang Talk » Custom member titles, are they WRONG? » 2014-03-25 04:08:17

Sector11 wrote:
ew wrote:

Hehe. You got me. But anyway, I'm signing off. For good this time.

Obviously I missed something.   sad sad sad

Cant't leave you like this, so I'll have to do a last post. It's got nothing to do with you. I really really like you and your sense of humour, and there was nothing in your comment that triggered anything. I thought it was funny.

The reason why I'm leaving is because I've been contacted in PM, and that PM strengthened a sense I've picked up before. That some people are tired of me and would rather see me doing something else than derailing the threads. At least, that's the reason that was provided. My joke, "Topic? What's that?", didn't sit well with someone, and that tells me that I no longer have the needed space to breathe in here. I was politely asked to start a blog instead. The "bright idea" was that it would be good for me to get a creative outlet that way.

But it isn't all that hard to read behind the lines, in light of recent events. It's only a few days since my infamous status-upgrade to WRONG. So anyone might read this as they want to, but I have no issue with any user in here. It's a issue with the almighty creator, and because it's him, I can't ignore it.

So I guess it boils down to this. It's impossible for me to stay on topic all the time, and it's impossible for me to always be serious. And when that's what's actually requested of me, then I'm much happier just saying sayonara. And that's what I've done.

Nobody should worry about me, and there's no reason to make to much fuzz about this. It would only hurt Crunchbang, and I have no interest in that. Well, that's it. Bye Sector11. Perhaps our roads will cross at another point in time. smile

#3 Re: CrunchBang Talk » Custom member titles, are they WRONG? » 2014-03-25 01:46:01

Sector11 wrote:
ew wrote:

I'll donate quite a few posts myself. If I get to pick which ones  lol  lol

Don't take this the wrong way but I'm getting a feeling there are a few you'd like to ... to put it nicely ... rethink.  big_smile

Hindsight, the perfect eyesight!

Hehe. You got me. But anyway, I'm signing off. For good this time. It's become impossible for me to hang her after recent events. I may have been "forgiven", but apparantly I'm a bit under the microscope, and the tolerance level towards me, are now significantly below the level I can live with. So I'm going to sign off, by "popular demand". smile

So mods. No need to hold any debates for review any more, because now I'm gone. The system can be put on green again. I will find me a place where the roof is a bit higher, and where freaks and misfits like me can exist without the feeling of being inside a straight-jacket. Being restrained isn't my kind of fetish smile

So goodbye Sector11. You are awesome. Not only skilled, but you also have a greate sense of humour to back it up. Goodbye to everyone else also. There's many of you that I will miss, and I owe the Crunchbang community a lot. It made it possible for me to migrate to linux, quite effortlessly, and for that I'm forever grateful.

#4 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » New user with no wireless » 2014-03-24 23:14:52


You could try:

sudo rfkill unblock all


sudo geany /etc/modprobe.d/ath5k.conf

Put this line into the file:

options ath5k no_hw_rfkill_switch=1

Save the file, and reboot. Don't know if it will work, but worth a try.

#5 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » New user with no wireless » 2014-03-24 19:52:44


As you see at the end, it looks like wifi is hard blocked, Do you have a physical wireless-switch on the laptop?

#7 Re: CrunchBang Talk » Custom member titles, are they WRONG? » 2014-03-24 18:40:28


I'll donate quite a few posts myself. If I get to pick which ones  lol  lol

#8 Re: Feedback & Suggestions » Windows XP expires - alternative Crunchbang Linux ? » 2014-03-24 18:37:17

iMBeCil wrote:

Yeah, I got that (and I mostly agree), but 'WAAAAT?' it has to do with the topic here?

OTOH, ew often gets philosophical, which I don't really understand (philosophy, I mean) ... so it might be myself ... source of puzzlement ...

Topic? What's that? And yes, I can understand where you're coming from. Because on my previous forum-home I found my posts being moved to the philosophy-section from time to time. Generally when the mods couldn't see the connection to the topic, even though there was a connection. But sometimes it's only me who sees the connection.

Anyway, if you think about the topic set by the OP, then I'm far off. There is no connection. But I blame others for sidetracking me by creating new topics on the fly.  It's hard to resist picking up the divertions that others set up for me. I'm totally innocent  O:)

#9 Re: Feedback & Suggestions » Windows XP expires - alternative Crunchbang Linux ? » 2014-03-24 18:19:24

Different55 wrote:

Except that there's not much evidence to support the generalization in the first place. If you're going to make a generalization, it should be true most of the time.

Yes, but there are different levels of truth. And different perceptions of the truth. Opposite opinions can be equally well-founded. It's all about perception. If it's true to you, then it is true.... to you  lol

#10 Re: CrunchBang Talk » Custom member titles, are they WRONG? » 2014-03-24 17:59:40

Jimbo_G wrote:

I enjoyed reading this thread; unfortunately at my current rate of posting I'm going to have to wait until 2025  8.(

Just throw in 5 posts a day, and you are there in no time. The can all be one-liners. wink

#11 Re: Devel: CrunchBang 12 "Janice" » Ideas for Janice » 2014-03-24 17:56:45

anonymous wrote:
ew wrote:

or openbox is replaced by a Classic Gnome sesssion. Just surprise us  smile

Perhaps an April Fool's release? lol

Why not. Corenominal could put together a nice easter-egg for us, in pink, yellow and blue lol

#12 Re: Feedback & Suggestions » Windows XP expires - alternative Crunchbang Linux ? » 2014-03-24 12:51:19


I feel that people probably are a bit to touchy, or concerned that other people would be. Generalizations is needed in a format that doesn't allow to much nuances. Even using stereotypes(overgeneralizations) are perfectly fine as long as the reader understands what the point is. After all, most readers doesn't want to read page up and page down.

If I say that women are superficial creatures that loves to shop, there are absolutely no reason why anyone should correct me just because there are some women that doesn't fit the characteristic. The same applies if I say that Americans love to get attention, no matter how silly they seem doing it. And so on...

If you don't fit the label, don't identify with it. Easy as that. I'm never offended on behalf of any label that someone puts on me. If it doesn't fit me, then I really don't care all that much. But I guess people tend to be more "rigid" than me. Actually, it's kind of obvious tongue

#13 Re: Devel: CrunchBang 12 "Janice" » Ideas for Janice » 2014-03-24 12:20:52

Alad wrote:
ew wrote:

Personally I would be happy to see some kind of surprise in Janice. Whether Geany and Thunar are replaced with Gedit and Nautilus Nemo, or openbox is replaced by a Classic Gnome sesssion. Just surprise us  smile


Nice edit. Sure, Nemo would be a surprise too lol

#14 Re: Devel: CrunchBang 12 "Janice" » Ideas for Janice » 2014-03-24 02:53:31


Personally I would be happy to see some kind of surprise in Janice. Whether Geany and Thunar are replaced with Gedit and Nautilus, or openbox is replaced by a Classic Gnome sesssion. Just surprise us  smile

#15 Re: Feedback & Suggestions » Windows XP expires - alternative Crunchbang Linux ? » 2014-03-24 02:47:47



As you probably have noticed, my definition of the term is more like the last one. This states it pretty well for me:

"A power user is a user of a personal computer who has the ability to use advanced features of programs which are beyond the abilities of "average" users, but is not necessarily capable of computer programming and system administration."

The first definition that you use, applies only to members of the power user group on a Windows-system, while my definition is more general, and can be used about any user that are above average skilled, or use a computer to more advanced things than the common-user. If you are a dedicated hobby-photograph and are quite advanced in Photoshop, then you become a power-user to me. The same if you do advanced music and video-editing. Or web-design. It could be just about pretty much anything, as long as it's more advanced than the common-user who just do facebook, upload their selfies and watch you-tube videos.

So it ain't easy when there are so many definitions. I'm not of those that actually look up a definition to see what it really means. I use the definition as I understand most people use it. Even when knowing that a term or definition is used incorrectly. Because in my mind, the common use automatically becomes the correct use, just by the simple fact that it's the common understanding of a term or definition.

I'm pretty sure that the Microsoft-definition no longer is the most used understanding of the word. Wikipedia is a lot closer.

#16 Re: Feedback & Suggestions » Windows XP expires - alternative Crunchbang Linux ? » 2014-03-24 00:14:42

chillicampari wrote:
ew wrote:

smile  Yes, but I'm almost sure that the difficulty is more of an emotional feeling, than a actual difficulty.  wink

I'm curious what you mean by that.

Damo got it. I simply mean that the reason why a XP-Poweruser can not adjust to a linux-distro, isn't because it's to difficult for them to handle. But simply because he/she doesn't want to adjust. And that's fair enough, but as XP no longer will receive security updates, these users will have to adjust to something else, pretty soon. That's the way of life. It's the same for Windows, Linux and Mac. The releases we love, has a limited lifespan.

Also, I mean that if someone isn't all that prepared and motivated to try something new, they probably will find it difficult to change. As the case was for me when I tried Ubuntu 8. Even as easy as that was, I found it to difficult. Because I wasn't used to it, and not really motivated to adjust my habits and learn new skills.

When I first decided to do it for real, then it became easy, and not hard to adjust to at all.

Also, many of us has a tendency to settle and get comfortable with the things we are used to. The things we know. So many of us tends to resist change. We know what we have, but not what we get. And if we love what we got, why change? It's to comfortable to be where we are. But that's actually a big warning sign, also for us Crunchbangers. To many are content with things as they are.

#17 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Why the media loves to exaggerate Linux security problems » 2014-03-23 19:47:26

dot|not wrote:

Possible widespread acceptance of invalid certificates resulting in the compromise of encrypted traffic should worry us.

It doesn't worry us unless we actually are hit by it. And quiet frankly, I don't care about invalid certificates when Using Windows either. If I did, then I couldn't have accessed my netbank from a Windows XP system. My mom has that issue, as she uses XP and pays her bills that way. So obviously, I tell her to disregard those warnings, when she is going to those websites. But obviously, if going to them from a link, banner or button, then it's another matter.

Anyway, the issue you are talking about is not a linux-only issue. It should be handled on browser-level. It should be a IE, Chrome, FF, Opera-issue. Not a Windows, Mac or Linux-issue.

#18 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Why the media loves to exaggerate Linux security problems » 2014-03-23 19:35:00

gutterslob wrote:

Yep. That's what we all thought. Now the planet's getting warmer and the ozone layer thinner. Woo-hoo!! Not giving a damn is awesome!! Lets rear more cows and build more factories. We'll ban two-strokes instead since our first-world fat asses can't fit on one anymore!!

OK, so you've bought into the Al Gore Climate Scam to. It's all a hoax. Yes, the climate change. As it's always done. Thankfully the climate has gotten warmer since the last ice-age, but it isn't up to us to decide when moder earth is warm enough.

And even if you believe this hoax, you should focus on the biggest problem. Over-population. We are 7 times more in just a little over 100 years, and it keeps rising. No matter what we do, it will never be able to weigh up for the negative effects of growth in the earths population. It will be like pissing on a big fire.

#19 Re: Feedback & Suggestions » Windows XP expires - alternative Crunchbang Linux ? » 2014-03-23 18:57:24

chillicampari wrote:

I've worked in tech support/tech services and I've seen Windows power users who have had difficulty adjusting to a different OS/Desktop.

Edit  - and I'm married to one. :-)

smile  Yes, but I'm almost sure that the difficulty is more of an emotional feeling, than a actual difficulty.  wink

I've been exclusively in Windows myself, from the very beginning. And I've been 100% loyal to them. Personally and professionally. I barely remember that I tried Ubuntu 8 for a day or two, but removed it again, as it felt alien to me. Suddenly I was no expert, but a complete rookie. I felt like a idiot, and didn't like it one bit. I removed Ubuntu 8 without actually doing any attempt to dig into it.

And that completes my linux-experience until a few years ago, when MS was introducing W8 and Metro(as it was called initially). Then I started to look for alternatives, and as I had an ancient laptop available, with limited capacity, I couldn't take the easy route trough Ubuntu or Linux Mint. I Google for fast lightweight distros, and the first one I tried was WattOS, which was fine. Then I tried PeppermintOS, which  I really loved, and then by accident, I saw the #!-Disclaimer, and it stuck in my head, so I had to try it, and then I was sold.

So you see, I started my linux-experience directly in openbox. The two first one was lxde/openbox, and then openbox without a DE. The only issue I as a completely blank linux user had with Crunchbang initially, was to figure out that I got the menu by right-clicking the desktop or the bar, that I at that time didn't have a clue what was. Not having a menu-button on the bar really puzzled me, and I scratched my head until I by accident discovered the right-click menu. But from there on, everything was pretty much straigh forward.

Wifi caused me issues. And for a linux-newbie, that could be the dealbreaker. Because if I had been easily discouraged, then I probably would have given up. So bad wifi-support is the one thing that doesn't make linux suitable for newbies, and of course graphics-support. Those kind of things are still a bit to difficult if you aren't in luck with your hardware-configuration. But other than that, Crunchbang shouldn't be much of a challenge for any Windows power-user that actually wants to learn it.

When I went directly from Windows to openbox-distros, other people can too. I was 100% blank. Even sudo apt-get update was alien to me. I didn't know a single Linux command, and i didn't know that right-click would give me menu. So there is nobody that is more blank than me, when they start their linux-experience. Therefore, what's possible for me, is possible for others too. It isn't all that difficult, if we don't make it more difficult than it needs to be.

#20 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Why the media loves to exaggerate Linux security problems » 2014-03-23 13:38:38

dot|not wrote:

These are statements that really grind my gears. Because you have just acused me of creating security problems. And there is no proof at all of this happening widespread. But hey, maybe you are going to enlighten me.

If I have to convince you that elements in the security-industry has sponsored the creation, production and spreading of security risks and viruses, then I'm not even going to try and convince you. If you belive that these companies are working real hard to make themselves redundant, then that's your prerogative.

dot|not wrote:

When a similar bug was discovered in openssl, just a few weeks later, nobody really gave a damn. Maybe a small note here and there, but no public outcry.

If nobody gives a damn, then it means that it's not a problem that worries us. Possibly because it doesn't relate to us.

#21 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Why the media loves to exaggerate Linux security problems » 2014-03-23 13:27:11

mynis01 wrote:

Linux is only safe by comparison. Was gonna point out the TLS issue but gutterslob beat me to it. By the way, unless you install the recently added fix in backports, you're still susceptible in Debian. Mind you, this was just added to wheezy-backports like 4 days ago.....

Yes, but by comparison is the only way to measure it. Linux will never be safe, if your definition of safe, is 100% safe. Nor will anything else be, as there always will be faulthy code that could potentially be a security risk. And even when all possible holes are fixed in one version, there will always be new potential risks, in the new code for new versions. So unless we should stop developing, and just safe-proof existing code and existing apps, there is no way that Linux can become 100% safe.

Reasonable safe is all we can ask for, and Linux is more than reasonable safe. You will have to do something stupid to be at risk. Installing and running malicious software is a stupid thing to do. No GUI-level isolation isn't a issue if you don't install something dodgy.

There are other issues if you want to look at it like that. There's no problem tricking someone to wipe their entire hdd with dd, by writing it into the installer of a distro or a app. Is this a problem? Malicious people will always be able to create malicious code in apps and software. The only reason why it hasn't been a big problem in Linux so far, is that the malicious people have more to gain by targeting Windows. Not just because more people use it, but also because the average people using it are more likely to do stupid things...

Any kind of attempt to do anything with this, would destroy linux as we know it. Linux is by design based on a certain level of thrust between the developers and the users, and that's the way it has to be. It's much better to live with this risk, than the alternative, which would include to close  the source code, and make it almost impossible for me and you to create apps that works together with the system and other apps.

A developer could even include code that wipes your harddisk clean, by simply installing a malicious app like that. The question is, shouldn't this be possible? My answer is that it has to be. If you try to install any software that I create, it has to mean that you trust me. Otherwise you shouldn't do it. And in doubt, you should always test a new app in a safe enviroment, where it doesn't matter what kind of malicious code that could be in the app.

I don't install just about anything that is available on a stable production system or a system with sensitive information. Neither should you or anyone. Be safe on a system that needs to be safe, and experiment and play with systems that doesn't need to be safe.

#22 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Why the media loves to exaggerate Linux security problems » 2014-03-23 03:47:16


Nothing is ever perfect, and of course, gutterslob is correct. Error in code that result in a security-issue might occur. But there is nothing to do with that. Even programmers and coders are human beings, and human beings make mistakes. Linux are pretty safe by design, and that's all we can ask for.

#23 Re: Feedback & Suggestions » Windows XP expires - alternative Crunchbang Linux ? » 2014-03-23 02:35:13

blue42 wrote:

I'm not trolling, just underscoring a couple of poignant disappointments (ongoing) I've experienced.

All linux-distros will fall short compared to Windows, if you

When a current, or recent, WinXP user right-clicks a root menu, expecting to have the ability to drag/reorder (or rename, or delete) any of the entries or any of the submenu/category items... yeah, most linux dexktop environments fall short in this regard.

When a WinXP "power user" discovers that across the whole of the linuxverse, no f'ing distro provides an easy (gui) tool to achieve per-application network access restriction... AND wades through holier-than-your-mother dickweed replies like "Why? You don't need that! Why would you want to do that? Linux is already safe. If you disagree your (sic) always free to write your own app." when he inquires...

yeah, sadly, linux distros comparatively fall short in several respects.

Ehh, hello. I never suggested that openbox was an alternative. The menu issues aren't there if you use anything with a DE. It's a much larger jump to go from WinXP to W8, and linux will be a good alternative to W8, for users that don't want to take the jump to a desktop and OS optimized for touch, and where the traditional use is only an after-thought, or a leftover that hasn't been removed.

But let's be honest. You are not talking about power users. There isn't a single power user anywhere that will have a problem learning how to edit the root-menu in openbox. Right-Click, Settings, Edit menu.xml...., and when menu.xml is opened and displayed for the user, there isn't a single power user that doesn't instantly get how to edit it. It's intiutive. And if they do not get it, then there is the menu editor.

The only thing that a power-users would need to know in order to use Crunchbang, is that he get's the menu by right-clicking the desktop. That's it.

As for the last bit. The per application network access restriction. I'm actually very happy that this isn't the default. As most users wouldn't understand what to block or not. And if you do understand it, then you can use this:

One of the main reason to use Linux, is to get away from all this security stuff that plaques Windows. Most people spend more time on their security than actually using their computers to anything sensible or fun.

Besides, Ubuntu supports what you want.

By the way, why isn't it sufficient with a hardware firewall, as in your broadband-router?

#24 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Why the media loves to exaggerate Linux security problems » 2014-03-23 00:54:45


Yes, and I'm  no expert at security at all. But try running a Windows system without any security and antivirus-software enabled, and compare it with running a linux-distribution without the same. Clearly, there's no doubt that linux is safer. But that doesn't mean that there isn't threats, and the threats will increase as linux is more widely used.

But we will probably not be in any danger before there are big companys pushing security and antivirus-software for linux. Because most of the problems in windows, are created to sell security software. There's a huge industry depending on threats, exploits and viruses. They have absolutely no interest in reducing the problem. Quite the opposite smile

#25 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Why the media loves to exaggerate Linux security problems » 2014-03-22 20:35:25

dot|not wrote:

To be honest, there should be another article called "Why the linux-guys love to downplay Linux security problems". There are two sides of each medal.

Who does that? But compared to Windows, security is no issue at all. If you are of another opinion, then I would appreciate that you point out any security-issues that are exclusively linux-issues.

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