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#3 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Handling a mailto link in chrome with gmail » 2013-07-28 03:17:08


#5 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Happy New Year + 24 hour Hacker Public Radio show » 2012-12-31 17:42:18

@gurtid thanks a lot for the link. The file is still hosted there and downloading big_smile

#6 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Happy New Year + 24 hour Hacker Public Radio show » 2012-12-31 13:55:00

Thanks, I see they moved from Tumblr and maybe during the move the files were also taken down. By the description it sounded like a riot of an episode so I was curious to listen. smile

#8 Re: Help & Support (Testing/Unstable) » Help! I'm going crazy: Debian based distros and cd audio playback ... » 2012-12-30 18:47:45

I am dual booting 2 Debian sid distros (LinuxBBQ Kielbasa) and (siduction) and both notice audio cd's just fine. I also have Linux Mint 14 Xfce on a laptop and it also notices audio cd's without a problem. Question, is your cd/dvd player internal or external connected through usb?
Also could you post the output of

"lspci" and "uname -a"


#9 Re: Tips, Tricks & Scripts » Laptops: More power on power, More battery on Duracell » 2012-12-29 13:54:38

Another fix, install Ubuntu bloat then your cpu-scaling-governor will be used at all times and no need for a script. All your cores are belonged to Ubuntu. tongue
Seriously though, I have not heard of this and it's very interesting Nathan. I am still using a laptop with a single core so no use to me unfortunately, but interesting anyway, and I'll save this script in case I need it after I eventually upgrade this laptop. Thanks for posting!

#10 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » internet radio with or without scrobbling - what to listen to? » 2012-12-17 23:38:30

@ivan, I completely forgot about spotify smile

@pidsley, thanks for that link, I also love, saved your playlist big_smile

#16 Re: Tips, Tricks & Scripts » Easy cleaning of /var/cache/apt » 2012-10-02 01:49:49

Nice script, thanks. You could also run..

dpkg --get-selections | grep deinstall | sed 's/deinstall/\lpurge/' | dpkg --set-selections; dpkg -Pa

To "deinstall/purge" the deb files all at once.

Then run

dpkg --get-selections | grep deinstall | wc -l

To make sure they are all gone. You should get "0" if they are all purged.

#17 Re: Help & Support (Testing/Unstable) » Installing Lightread on Crunchbang 11 » 2012-10-01 20:52:14

^This big_smile Not worth it for a rss reader for sure! But there are other readers, I've been using newsbeuter for a couple of weeks and like it a lot once you get it configured with tags and stuff it's pretty efficient. I've also tried Liferea which I thought was good, but slow. But as pidsley showed you, dependencie hell with Lightread.

#18 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » September 2012 Screenshot Thread » 2012-09-25 03:26:47

Thanks omns, the releases are pretty awesome.

@el_k, I'm beginning to like Catwoman more and more everytime I see another of your screens tongue

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