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#1 Re: Development » [SOLVED]lightdm messes up $PATH? » 2015-05-06 00:05:37

I found this exact same problem after installing lightdm on my Jessie/Bunsen DIY installation. After some head scratching found this thread and post #4 was the fix.


#2 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » BunsenLabs logo - ideas » 2015-03-13 22:50:02

Flame logo is good. It's simple which kind of echoes the ethos. Its scalable. Works reversed out black/white white/black.
Has good connotations: eternal, bright, living, warmth. Suits the name nicely.

Well done people. Kudos to @Utoto

#3 Re: News & Announcements » The end. » 2015-03-11 20:51:18

Corenominal, thanks for all the hard work you are a Linux Legend.

Crunchbang has been a blast and I've learned a lot. I fully intend to follow on with the team at BunsenLabs.

Good luck for the future.

#4 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Stable vs Unstable » 2015-01-25 01:43:12

Stable vs Unstable

Looking at this from a playground (fight... fight... fight...) scenario I couldn't hazard a guess.

In the the rational man's mind. I would imagine the developers are giving us a clue as to which may be, in their considered opinion, the least likely to be troublesome by using a cryptic naming policy.

I might be wrong though in which case I'd install Happy Shopper Bleach that is based on Debian Insane.

#5 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » What are some cool things I can burn onto spare CDs and DVDs? » 2015-01-25 00:43:00

I'd have to go  with:

Heren's Boot CD;
Puppy linux (or any of its Pups);
Tails (shhh... I wasn't here).

#6 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Janice? » 2014-11-26 23:23:44

snowpine wrote:

Have faith and be patient; the early Janice demos I've tested are very promising! I am sure papagnomial will share with a wider audience when he feels it's ready. smile

So from this we can read Janice is actively being developed? If so that's great news. Care to share any tasty spoilers of what we can expect  smile

#7 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Janice? » 2014-11-26 00:12:30

I must admit I was hoping to hear of some timeline/schedule relating to Alpha/Beta testing for Janice. I do pop by this forum occaisionally looking for news but so far I haven't seen anything.

Jessie is now in feature freeze and rumours are of a spring/summer 2015 stable release. IIRC Waldorf and Wheezy became stable at the same time. If this the plan for Janice and Jessie I would be expecting to see some kind of announcement soon! (?)

Crunchbang is the best OOTB openbox distro I've used. It'd be a crying shame if it went no further than Wheezy/Waldorf. I have a !#Animal install. But, I have a partition ready and waiting for testing an official Janice Alpha release.

#8 Re: Help & Support (Testing/Unstable) » [SOLVED] Suspend works in #! but not Vanilla Debian » 2013-06-27 22:25:39

uname -r


!# tracking Jessie and pm-suspend & pm-hibernate seem to work fine. They certainly did not in Ubuntu 12.04, last time I tried and I don't believe they did in Waldorf !#.

Not sure about Lubuntu 13.04 (as that machine is elsewhere currently) but I'll check that tomorrow as that is a 3.9 kernel (I think).

I'd love to see an end to suspend/hibernate issues as we have had several desktops burning the midnight oil needlessly for over a year now.

#9 Re: Help & Support (Testing/Unstable) » Fatal Xorg error after dist-upgrade to 3.9 » 2013-06-27 18:59:32

delphys wrote:

Yes I tried to re-install nividia kernel module but the system hangs at the nivida-uninstaller step ..

Did you use

sudo apt-get remove nvidia-current

#10 Re: Help & Support (Testing/Unstable) » [SOLVED] HELP! Acer Aspire 722 Wireless problem » 2013-06-26 00:37:29

Did you install the correct firmware?

Package firmware-brcm80211

or maybe its an acer_wmi issue (but as rfkill shows no blocking I'm not sure)

#11 Re: Help & Support (Testing/Unstable) » is testing upgrading to Jessie? is dist-upgrade worth doing? » 2013-06-06 00:14:55

nitrofurano wrote:

thanks! since i use to install packages from Ubuntu's PPA repositories, and always trying new versions of software (i'm using mostly editors related to design, graphic design, and technical drawing (vectorial, raster, 2d, 3d, etc.) - so new useful and needed features are always appearing ), and Squeeze were too much outdated for that, so i imagine that using Wheezy now when stable, this situation may come back again soon! that's why i think i need to keep on "testing"! big_smile

Absolutely with you with the default availability of the most recent design software tracking 'stable' debian distro's. Blender's 'cycles' rendering engine being my most recent case in point. *buntu's repo's as of last week not offering required version. If you are of the mindset to end Adobe's current monopoly I salute you.

With regards to 'testing' in Crunchbang. I am currently tracking jessie in sources.list & pin, etc.  with no ill-effects. Although I think 'testing' is a safe bet right about now as I believe (not so sure now) testing will be in some kind of freeze for a while since wheezy became the daddy.

#12 Re: Devel: CrunchBang 12 "Janice" » Ideas for Janice » 2013-05-17 23:28:21


Yeah I guess #! is not an ideal novices linux distro. but once installed it is pretty easy for an average computer user to pick up, ie. my wife and son (who regularly 'borrow' my netbook) and they demand things to just work and facebook to run smoothly. But, I agree #!, and its philosophy, does encourage a certain amount of tinkering which I love and #! should always retain that.

Just shows how diverse #! users are becoming.

#13 Re: Devel: CrunchBang 12 "Janice" » Ideas for Janice » 2013-05-17 23:09:43

!# was originally sold to me by a friend as Openbox done properly OOTB & I believe this is currently is a major draw to the distro.

I have never particularly thought of !# as a bare-bones OS but more as a fully featured fast and reliable OS and apart from an initial trial run I don’t think of it as a live distro either.

As @Kernal Oopzer mentioned and I believe I have read something similar:

The primary aim of the CrunchBang project is to produce a stable distribution offering the best possible out-of-the-box Openbox experience.

I think this would be a good mantra to recite during Janice’s development. I think by default !# should track  stable Debian. The idea to have an option to track testing or unstable at install is an interesting idea.

Whether ‘this’ or ‘that’ comes installed as standard doesn’t bother me so much as the OS itself being solid as it’s easy enough to install and remove what you want (a side-effect of Open Source Software). But as AbiWord seems to be unpopular how about replacing it with something like LyX.

#14 Re: CrunchBang Talk » Best Netbook for #! » 2013-04-21 22:08:19

Acer ZG8 Aspire One - Intel Atom N240 - 1GB RAM - 160GB HDD (circa. 2008)

Runs Waldorf flawlessly out the box. No Broadcom or ATI here.

Probably get one for £70-100 (GBP) second hand. Dunno if this is the hardware advance your looking for but you won't find mine on ebay anytime soon.

#15 Re: Devel: CrunchBang 11 "Waldorf" » [SOLVED] Sound issue » 2012-11-09 00:20:13

Have you tried

apt-get install vlc-plugin-pulse && apt-get install vlc-plugin-notify

It's a fix I have seen before for this problem.

#16 Re: Devel: CrunchBang 11 "Waldorf" » VLC seems to be fixed » 2012-11-08 23:58:29

As far as video goes VLC is my favorite player and has been for a few years. If it was default in #! it would save me a job.

#17 Re: Help & Support (Testing/Unstable) » Can't seem to open CD/DVD drive » 2012-10-26 00:52:27

extraspecialbitter wrote:


Is this something anyone else has seen, or is it perhaps time to replace my CD/DVD drive?

I was going to suggest a hardware issue. Do you have a spare/old optical drive you could swap to test?

It's not an issue I have experienced personally though. Not sure what...

...Inappropriate ioctl for device

... means!

#18 Re: Help & Support (Testing/Unstable) » Ubuntu One on Crunchbang? » 2012-10-26 00:29:15

VastOne wrote:

The omission of Xfce is especially glaring considering it is the default DE of Debian.. 

Makes me wonder why Debian is even listed as supported...

Or maybe why Arch is a listed supported distro. as desktop environment or window manager is a matter of preference  by the user.

Are we missing something?

#19 Re: Help & Support (Testing/Unstable) » Ubuntu One on Crunchbang? » 2012-10-26 00:16:41

^ Thanks. That's basically what I'd thought.

Xfce support is a more glaring omission than Openbox, but, I guess these things will get rectified over time.

I'm  kind of in the same boat as the OP. I was (and still am), a dropbox user between Mac OSX and Linux. But, I got sucked into Ubuntu One on my Ubuntu desktop when Ubuntu One was released and now wish I could get to some of the files (easily) I have stored on there on my #! machine or my Mac. It seems to be a limitation of Ubuntu One I guess. I don't have such issues with Dropbox which works pretty much across the board. But GB for GB it works out more expensive than Ubuntu 1 and Google Docs if you require more than the free allowance.

I may install insync on my Ubuntu machine and see how it stacks up against the competition. My #! machine is staying Openbox for now.

#20 Re: Help & Support (Testing/Unstable) » Ubuntu One on Crunchbang? » 2012-10-25 21:33:15

pghjake wrote:

google drive is 5gb. i'm using it on waldorf through the fine insync daemon.  Instructions available here

What did you enter for [DISTRIBUTION] and [CODENAME]? Was it Debian and Wheezy?


Also, what desktop environment are you using it with. I don't see Openbox listed as a compatible one?

There could be a nice little project for a developer there!

#23 Re: Help & Support (Testing/Unstable) » [SOLVED] Will be Attempting to install on Asus 901 EEEPC » 2012-10-03 22:13:59

Koala3 wrote:

I've had it installed on my eeePC for a while now and have neglected my tinkering time for other things.
But IIRC, it did the same thing to me except it would boot from the usb but not install. Used the good ol' dd command and it worked.

Now you mention it I think you're on to a winner there. I believe I had similar issues using crunchbang via a Unetbootin USB. As in, live session worked install didn't. I second trying Koala3's suggestion.

I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) it had something to do with the install trying to read from a CDROM and not the USB.

#24 Re: Help & Support (Testing/Unstable) » [SOLVED] Will be Attempting to install on Asus 901 EEEPC » 2012-10-02 19:29:15

When the installation fails. What is GUI it drops to which you referred to in post #5?

Have you tried the text install?

Also, does the failed installation leave a partially installed system? You could check in /var/log/installer on the failed installation (if it exists) to see if any of the contained logs can throw any light on what is happening.

You may also like to read this post - Stuck on "Configure the package manager" in installer. I know it's on about debian but #! is debian under the hood and you may find something of interest.

#25 Re: Help & Support (Testing/Unstable) » [SOLVED] Will be Attempting to install on Asus 901 EEEPC » 2012-10-01 21:39:29

DancesWithWords wrote:
d! wrote:

Checked md5checksum?


Would the installation make it to the point of package manager if there was a Checked md5checksum error/difference?


If you used the same ISO download for both the SD card and CD it would certainly be worth checking to eliminate that possibility.

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