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#1 Off Topic / General Chat » Learn to read please » 2012-09-05 21:13:29

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Joking about why is best to be a movie pirate over an image found on the web is far different than promoting piracy. Go ahead and see the original post. Did I say or even the image say "go and download illegal stuff"? Some people really should get (or buy) a life because it seems that they have nothing better to do but commenting $#%$*^ and twisting a post's purpose.

And somehow the post I made JUST for fun because I found that image and laugh about it became DISCUSSION OF CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. W/E

Oh and of course almighty moderators go on and close this post too, because I have freedom of speech only when I am conforming with your rules. This is like democracy in ancient Athens. Everybody had the right to vote (!) if it was man, non-slave and had a certain age. Democracy for slave owners... Who are you to judge? Get a life, sorry wrong words... BUY ONE!

#2 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Why is better to be a Movie Pirate than a Paying Customer » 2012-09-05 20:52:35


This is trolling. The post was to make people laugh. You didn't and is your choice but please stop this. Comment on comment is going nowhere. As I said above I didn't made this post to promote piracy or something so what you are trying to prove that I somehow do. It is just an image I found funny in the web!

#3 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Why is better to be a Movie Pirate than a Paying Customer » 2012-09-05 20:40:42


Exaggerating how? Didn't get hmm


You see you twist my words again. I just meant that you can spend your time better and if I were you now I would say that you called me naive. You did didn't you? You see this is a twist. You said is a naive concept I said you call me naive. Please stop doing this. Your opinion was this post was noticed. Now comment on comment etc starts to become trolling.

#4 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Why is better to be a Movie Pirate than a Paying Customer » 2012-09-05 20:08:39


I can't understand why you assume so many things and why you are so negative. First of all because you didn't like or get the joke doesn't mean that all people will react the same. Second "hardcore #!ers" was used as a figure of speech with the intention of saying something like "internet people should laugh with that" and of course because you didn't, doesn't mean others will not too. And why you assume that I use only #!? Is a very nice distro and I am using it to my laptop atm but (just to prove you that assuming so much is not good) the very pc I am writing this post right now has a debian netinstall installation with xfce. I also post some problems I am having here in this very forum.

Here is a screenshot too:


Never said you must have. You twist my words and that ain't nice. Though some people here will laugh with that like I did. Of course there are people that will like it and people that won't. And you disliked that post and is fine. But if you really dislike it why you are still here and posting about it? Send a private message to moderators and that's all. It seems that you are becoming the post's troll.

#5 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Why is better to be a Movie Pirate than a Paying Customer » 2012-09-05 19:43:04

If you really think I made this post to promote illegal downloading you really have no sense of humor sir. The title of the post was choosen cause of what is written in the image, not for any other reason. I just made fun of the fact that when u rent or buy a DVD movie and play it in your home theater/tv/dvd player/pc/whatever has SO SO many legal threads and you have to wait very long until you see the actual movie.

And is not like I said "hey go download illegal movies" or something. I think you really missjudge this one. Though above all people hardcore #!ers will understand and laugh with the image like I did.

#6 Off Topic / General Chat » Why is better to be a Movie Pirate than a Paying Customer » 2012-09-05 18:40:13

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This is an image I find on the web while reading some article. I think that reflects reality pretty good and this is why I post it here smile

#8 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » What are you listening to right now ? » 2012-09-05 11:54:23

ta hapia mu - Alexis Neiros (my pills)
(this is the original version. Makropoulos version is a later remake - giving a more "ethnic" taste in the thread tongue)

#10 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Web-based project management software » 2012-09-05 11:39:05


I checked all the links here and (from my point of view as a first timer in Web-based project management software) here what my thoughts are:

1. collabpress - NO!  Is based on wordpress and wordpress is harder to customized in comparison with other cms like drupal and joomla that u can access the codeany time and fix your things. wordpress is more based in gui changes. drupal fan i guess ^^

2. projectpier - seems promising, easy to get with design and nice menus. 8/10

3. collabtive - very nice menus and design but i think u have to add lots of stuff to achieve the functionality u like. By default i think is aimed just for an office of 3-5 people. 7/10

4. dotproject - is based on postnuke that is based on phpnuke... rly??? WE HAVE 2012, who is still using nuke... i consider the design obselete! (for me nuke has been a great software but not any more... failed to adapt and become more friendly for users and devs like drupal, wordpress and others)

5. zoho - seems very promising and ready to go defaults 8/10

6. redmine - I didn't like the design at all but except that I can't say more since I didn't try it out (yet). Still doesn't seem that promising...

I also google about free web based management software and there are few but the most of them come with some 30 days free trial and then u have to pay. And some of them are really crappy like codendi if i recall correct. Anyway all of the above (I am no expert) are my humble opinions about the software you mentioned here. If I were you (ofc you know better which software will fit best for your needs) I would go with project pier. For me is the best overall solution. Simple, easy, functional. I couldn't find any foss better than this. Ofc a very attractive alternative is collabtive but there i really think u gonna have to add a few things to achieve the results u want. Zoho sounds good too ^^

#11 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » DeBlue & DeBlue Splash Themes for SLiM » 2012-09-02 08:58:34

Thanks smile and about the password I am just too lazy for typing a longer one tongue Anyway I would never let any really important and sensitive files to my computer. I would stored theme somewhere secret ^^
(oops now you know my plan xD)

#12 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » Rock Solid & Rock Solid Green Themes for SLiM - Updated Links » 2012-09-02 08:55:07

Thanks people smile Glad you like the themes. Credits to falldown too, he made the wallpaper!

#13 Artwork & Screenshots » DeBlue & DeBlue Splash Themes for SLiM » 2012-09-01 18:35:46

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Here are 2 themes I made for SLiM. The themes were inspired by the debian wallpapers. I liked this blue with the Debian logo and I thought it could make some nice SLiM themes too. The panel.png was taken from Mustafa's Oezkan flat theme for SLiM. The theme name is a mix of Debian+Blue = DeBlue. In the second theme, the "Splash" word was added because of the "splashy" wallpaper. Hope you like theme smile


DeBlue Splash

#14 Artwork & Screenshots » Rock Solid & Rock Solid Green Themes for SLiM - Updated Links » 2012-09-01 18:23:46

Replies: 3

Hi all,

today I observed that filebox does not allow people to directly download Rock Solid Themes anymore so I decided to upload them to sendspace too so if anyone likes the themes, to be able to download them.

Download Rock Solid Green:


Download Rock Solid:

#16 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » vnc - #! to OS X problem » 2012-08-29 16:45:30


i don't really have any vnc experience but when i needed remote control of a pc teamviewer (is cross platform) did the job. If you don't know it, give it a try, you might find it usefull.

#19 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Forum theme/skin » 2012-08-28 10:46:41

While you reading this just ctrl+u to view the site's source and copy the .css files. Then if you want to use this theme or make a similar one, modify the paths according to yours site structure and voila. Below are the .css links i found in a quick view of the source.

#21 Off Topic / General Chat » NTFS-3G Problem - Can't mount external HDD as user » 2012-08-28 10:12:21

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Hi all,

I am having trouble with ntfs-3g. I can't mount my external hdd (automatically) as simple user. I can do it manually as root and everything works fine but is not what i want. I prefer to do be able to manipulate files as user. Ofc i can gksu thunar anytime but still is not the same.

I google about it and i even found some threads here but nothing has work for me so far. And i can't find a simple and yet detailed step by step guide to compile it myself (ntfs-3g with fuse support). The tuxera documentation is pretty basic on this or i might couldn't find what i wanted roll

Anyway i tried some other stuff like chown root $(which ntfs-3g), chmod 4755 $(which ntfs-3g) and adding the user "vlahonick" in the fuse group but still nothing.

Here is a screenshot of the error i am getting when i try to mount the external hdd as user:

Any link to a step by step tutorial for solving the problem would be awesome!

Thanks smile

#22 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Web Design for absolute newbs with open source in mind » 2012-08-28 09:22:55


Glad to help smile

About Drupal7 (& d6) local installation i think is easier to add debian wheezy repos in your sources.list then do an update and install it from synaptic. Anyway i am saying that just in case you want to install it in some other linux machine and want to avoid the trouble installing php mysql etc manualy.

Now about the law & order... To be honest this is a very complex matter since not every country has the same laws about internet and blog stuff. For example if one of your fans/readers/users/troll post a comment with a link/image protected by copyright who will be judged then? Him for posting the link? You for letting him doing so? Your host that let you both do that? The ISP that didn't check what the host services do? Your country's telecommunications office for letting all that happend? And which country's law apply? The one the server is or the blogger? As you already understand there is no easy answer, but in most of the cases law enforcement agencies have more serious stuff to do than chasing people for posting copyrighted stuff on the internet, especially when the things posted do no harm. There is a difference to post a link for downloading a copyrighted movie (then the hollywood companies will be all over the case to claim the money they lost because ppl download the crappy movie instead of going to the cinema and pay money they don't have) than posting a link for a copyrighted article or something else.

Anyway i don't think that maintaining a blog/site with some registered and anonymous users only with legal stuff would be that hard.

What you should do in my humble opinion is to create a nice written set of rules (like the most forums do) for the users of your site. What they can post and do and what they can't. Ofc you have to clarify to them that by posting comments they agree with your rules even if that means that you can delete their comments or accounts immediately.
This way you can save the legal protection insurance money and buy some beer or a better server cool

#23 Re: Tips, Tricks & Scripts » Conky v1.9 Thread » 2012-08-27 18:02:07

Atm the second monitor is always connected but disabled (so it displays nothing) from Menu > Settings > Display (i am using xfce in this pc). When i disconnected (physicaly) the second monitor the problem was gone.

Here is the output of wmctrl -d with the second monitor connected but disabled:

0  * DG: 1024x768  VP: 0,0  WA: 0,31 1440x869  Workspace 1
1  - DG: 1024x768  VP: N/A  WA: 0,31 1440x869  Workspace 2

#24 Re: Tips, Tricks & Scripts » Conky v1.9 Thread » 2012-08-27 17:23:44


The problem was with the monitors all along. So i disconnected the second monitor (the 1152x864) to see what is going to happend. Then when i rebooted conky was appearing correctly. Then i connected the second monitor and reboot again. The conky was appearing in the wrong place again. I can't understand why this is happening because even when i have the second monitor connected i am disabling it from Menu > Settings > Display.

So the problem is that when i have my second monitor connected but disabled its background doesn't appear but conky does... Any thoughts hmm ?

#25 Re: Tips, Tricks & Scripts » Conky v1.9 Thread » 2012-08-27 10:44:48

Sector11 wrote:
vlahonick wrote:

Good morning fellows smile

Here is a screenshot in how my conky appears atm. In OpenBox i never had problems with conky.
In XFCE everything is wrong sad

Do you have a ~/bin in your path?

  24 Aug 12 | 11:11:40 ~
         $ $PATH
bash: /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/games:/home/sector11/bin: No such file or directory

mine shows as "/home/sector11/bin" - a yes no answer will be good.

Your right something is NOT right.  Leave your ~/.conkyrc alone and in a terminal:

sudo apt-get purge conky

this is because I know your were accessing the conky executable.

sudo apt-get install conky-all

Your ~/.conkyrc file will still be there - it's a user created conky, and your settings in Session and Startup should still have the conky entry.

now "log-out" and come back - does conky start OK

Please post your conky as you have it now so I can use the same one in my xfce4 session

Sorry for the delay, was out of town for the weekend. Any my ~/.conkyrc is the one I created. I thought it should be that way but now i am confused hmm I had no bin in my home directory though.

Anyway my conky as is in the moment with the top right problem:

# Settings
use_xft yes
xftfont Verdana Bold:size=9
own_window yes
own_window_type normal
own_window_transparent yes
own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager
double_buffer yes
minimum_size 200 200
maximum_width 240
draw_shades no
draw_outline no
draw_borders no
draw_graph_borders no
default_color b7b7b7
default_shade_color 000000
default_outline_color 828282
alignment top_right
gap_x 12
gap_y 56
no_buffers yes
uppercase no
cpu_avg_samples 2
override_utf8_locale no
#  Output
$alignc S Y S T E M
CPU1: ${cpu cpu1}% ${cpubar cpu1}
CPU2: ${cpu cpu2}% ${cpubar cpu2}
CPU Total: ${cpu cpu0}% ${cpubar cpu0}

RAM: $alignc $mem / $memmax $alignr $memperc%

HDD:$alignr${fs_used /}/${fs_size /}

$alignc N E T W O R K
Down:$alignr ${downspeed eth0}
Up:$alignr ${upspeed eth0}
Total Downloaded:$alignr ${totaldown eth0}
Total Uploaded:$alignr ${totalup eth0}

$alignc S H O R T C U T    K E Y S
Alt+F2$alignr Run Dialog
Alt+F3$alignr Alt Menu
Super+Space$alignr Main Menu
Super+Tab$alignr Client Menu
Super+F$alignr File Manager
Super+S$alignr Synaptic
Super+T$alignr Terminal
Super+C$alignr Chrome
Super+G$alignr Geany
Super+L$alignr LAMP
Super+V$alignr Volume Control
Super+D$alignr Desktop Toggler
Super+M$alignr System Monitor
Super+X$alignr Logout
Ctrl+Alt+V$alignr VLC
Ctrl+Alt+D$alignr Deluge
Ctrl+Alt+F$alignr Filezilla
Ctrl+Alt+G$alignr Gimp

I think the problem might be cause from the second monitor i have. Is this possible? Now i recall that i had a problem with the wallpapers too until i made the second one transparent. So i have a 1440x900 monitor and a 1152x864 and the 1152x864 monitor wallpaper was display in the 1440x900 monitor on top of the normal one. This could be fixed until the end of session but every time i relogin the problem was still there. Then i just stop using the second monitor from the display settings and that's all. Tbh i don't know if there is a connection. Just trying to eliminate all the possibilities.


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