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#1 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » loose ends » 2012-08-29 03:50:51

^ That is precisely why those threads were started. Nobody involved knew those discussions were not allowed. If there had been a rule that stated certain subjects like drugs, religion, politics, etc. were prohibited, regular members certainly wouldn't have started such threads.

"Talk about anything and everything. In this section anything goes!"

^Instead, Off-Topic verbatim says this^

Guns are legal in this country, how was I to know that is shunned to discuss.

So I'm now led to believe that discussing anything outside of Linux is a bannable offense.
It is seemingly left to a moderators personal moral prerogative what shall be banned, not actually following rules.
What I'm saying is I would not have started discussion on something that was not allowed in the first place.

#2 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » java vulnerability poison ivy » 2012-08-28 03:10:54

^ This is a new 0day, meaning it just released in the wild on JRE7. It isn't 7 years old. Websites are being scripted to special attach to the vuln and install a backdoor. Oracle hasn't even commented on if they will break their patch cycle and fix this right away.

EDIT: Here ya go. There's much to be found about it right now, it is literally being gobbled up. … lysis.html

#3 Re: Introductions » Finally! » 2012-08-28 01:24:38

Welcome, just make sure you post your issue in the appropriate forum and it'll usually be answered pretty quickly.

#5 Re: Introductions » Greetings and Salutations » 2012-08-28 01:16:32

Welcome to the community. Nice lightweight desktop that's plenty customizable.

#6 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » What are you listening to right now ? » 2012-08-28 01:05:04

^ Love Joy Division, Opeth, Beethoven, and Deadmau5.

#7 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Post pictures of your childhood toys that you love. » 2012-08-28 01:02:34

^ might I suggest running a GBA emulator and getting Yellow, Blue, Red version, etc. I have Pokemon snap and Stadium I've played in an N64 emu.

#8 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » [SOLVED] ePSXe help » 2012-08-27 23:19:01

It's true the Xbox and PS2 emulators run really slow on PC from my experience, but this shouldn't be since the PS2 has a 300Mhz MIPS processor, and the Xbox contains a 733Mhz Processor with a 133Mhz FSB. Only 64MB of RAM.

I love the N64 emulation running native on my Xbox though. Have all my favorite N64 classics playing smoothly, as well as PSX games. though you usually have to tweak the system engine for each game you play to run it smoothly or get the graphics to render correctly. I don't understand why this is, it seems older games should run perfectly fine a processor that's at least double the speed and more graphics capabilities.

#9 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » #! wont install. » 2012-08-27 22:54:58

^ Just a different method of installing to try.

#10 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Post pictures of your childhood toys that you love. » 2012-08-27 21:55:52

^ I had everything there was Pokemon.

Something like 10,000 trading cards I collected.
Pokeballs filled with gold plated metal cards.
^That Pokedex.
All the Gameboy games.
The N64 games.

#11 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Our hobbies » 2012-08-27 21:52:22

general computers/hacking

#13 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » [SOLVED] ePSXe help » 2012-08-26 19:53:09

Where ya been? I had one PSX emulator working in Statler, I'll have to dig around and see for you.
Pretty sure it was one pulled out of the repos.

EDIT: Well I spoke too soon. I have ePSXe running on my Xbox, not my netbook. It seems I have every single other emulator there is installed but I do not see a working PSX emulator.

Now I'm interested in running ePSXe since I'm so familiar with the program.

#14 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » (Solved) Help with a potentially broken desktop? » 2012-08-26 19:03:18

Sounds like bad RAM, I just ran into this with a PC I was fixing and I recently made a thread here about it.

Boot the #! live CD and run the memory test from the menu options.
If your BIOS has a decent memory test you could use that as well. As long as you can get it booted, or boot from the CD or BIOS that is. It's definitely a memory or power issue. Could be a weak capacitor with a possible leak.

#15 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » #! as Digital Audio Workstation » 2012-08-26 18:38:59

^Pretty much. it's all experimenting at first until you learn how you want your rhythms to sound. Add bass lines, snares, etc. and have fun.

#17 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Gun Hobby Thread » 2012-08-26 02:22:50

Sorry, I see West Nile getting worse on the news each day, that's all I was referring to.

#18 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Gun Hobby Thread » 2012-08-26 01:53:28

I just considered it similar enough with most West Nile coming from birds to mosquitoes.

#19 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Gun Hobby Thread » 2012-08-26 01:41:29

All the West Nile going around right now.

#20 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Gun Hobby Thread » 2012-08-26 01:09:51

I was just reading back through this thread and realized Cbiz said there would be a bird flu epidemic, which is starting in the US right now. Thought that was semi prophetic. Haven't seen him in a while since things got a little heated around here.

#21 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » #! as Digital Audio Workstation » 2012-08-26 00:15:18

So I've been mixing a lot of electronic music mainly just using LMMS and I'm really liking it. I have a friend on Windows 7 that recently bought a very very expensive Pioneer mix table and $300 Pioneer headphones and he started making quality music. After playing for weeks with LMMS and not having the best headphones I've gotta say that I can make the same music on my netbook for free! Awesome stuff.

Anyone else currently making any music? I might eventually upload some somewhere, but I've not got anything finished just yet.

#22 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Post pictures of your childhood toys that you love. » 2012-08-25 20:29:16

sqlpython wrote:

Wow! what a collection and so neat.
I am seeing about 30 across in each shelf. There are 54 shelf compartments.
Totaling about 1620 games.
@ about $25 dollars each is about $40,500 price New in games...
  That is some toy!
That is 2 to 4 years University Tuition. Depending on State or Private College.
  What a way to look at it, huh..
I guess that kept you busy and away from more worrisome type activities.

That's just a picture from Google images, like I said, I only had about 100 games. That is quite a lot but tends to pale in comparison to this collection depicted.

#23 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » software for wifi hotspots ? » 2012-08-25 16:53:39

Oh man, I've probably had my netbook on over 200 different wireless routers.

I just use the network manager for connecting but I also use the aircrack-ng suite and nmap very frequently.

I have to go into my network manager about every month or every other to clear out nearly 100 saved routers from around the country.

#24 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » DMT - Have you ever tried it? » 2012-08-24 20:37:18

I also wouldn't recommend using an MAOI with DMT. It has a seriously bad body effect.(load)
MeO is more intense and visual.

EDIT: 5-MeO-DMT was made schedule I in the US in January 2011 though.
Pure DMT itself is illegal too.

Land of the free...

#25 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » DMT - Have you ever tried it? » 2012-08-24 20:20:39

The best band in all the land, and that is a scientific fact.

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