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#1 Re: News & Announcements » The end. » 2015-02-06 18:52:08

Thanks for your brillant work in setting up a lightweight Debian/OpenBox distro, and for your generosity in helping users with technical issues in this Forum.  You've shown us how it's done.

It's been a good run.  All the best in your new endeavours.

Thanks again for all you've done for the people who use Linux.  We have to take up the mantle to show newcomers how to set up their computers with Linux distributions that will meet their needs -- whatever those needs may be.  :-)

Cheers, Mate!

Charles in NJ

PS -- That recent donation is still good. You'll need a few quid to defray your expenses as you are winding things down.

#2 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Who is gonna be the next big one » 2011-07-13 02:05:20

Whatever the next "Big One" may be, I hope it is accessible for all users.  Ubuntu used to do that part pretty well.  It would be nice if the Next Big One kept that as a priority, should they ever succeed in attracting (say) 20 million users.

#3 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » How old are you? Where are you from? » 2011-07-13 01:43:57

52, escapee from NE Kingdom in VT (all 4 grandparents from Eastern Townships, QC). Now in NJ, USA.

#4 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Are there any #! hockey fans? » 2011-05-31 17:00:22

As a longtime fan of the Habs, I am acquainted with grief of late. :-). But I think it is about time the Canucks brought one home for Canada, and also for themselves.

The fact that this would also imply that our rivals the Broons would not win has [almost] nothing to do with this sentiment. It should be a very hotly-contested final round, however it comes out. I might take time out from theme-hacking to watch it myself.


#5 Re: Introductions » Racing Cow on #! ( l-o-n-g ) » 2011-05-30 21:09:40

I selected #! as my first stop because of an off-hand comment by Dan on the Linux Outlaws podcast.

Since that time, I have seen posts by several other users around the inter-pipes that mention a LO connection in their discovery of CrunchBang. I don't think this justifies a roll call, but I will be sending a Thank You their way.

Charles in NJ

#6 Introductions » Racing Cow on #! ( l-o-n-g ) » 2011-05-30 18:00:45

Replies: 7

Hello to All:

I'm a math jockey and reinsurance simulation builder in my day job, so I found Linux via Quantian a few years ago.  From that point on, I've had a Linux laptop and a couple of dual-boots.  My obligatory first post has my first impressions after 11 days as a newb with Crunchbang.

Racing Cow is a Gateway desktop c. 2002 (P4, 2.6GHz, 512MB, NVIDIA 128M) that just went all-Linux after 4 years of dual-booting WinXP/Ubuntu.  I had a trouble-free three weeks with "Ubuntu OS" 11.04 on the Classic desktop, but a lighter-weight distro seemed like a better fit.  The Cow lacks the juice to run Unity, even with freedom-hating video drivers. 

CrunchBang was supposed to be just the first hole in a round of Distro Golf that started on my birthday.  While I have tried a couple of other distros on Live CD, the game has stopped with CrunchBang with Openbox.  Computing is fun again.

The installation from the CD was a snap, and the Welcome script is a model of simplicity and beauty.  My sound bite for the welcome script: "I could make real choices about my setup with confidence. I always felt that I knew where I was."

On the first boot-up, it was briefly disorienting to have no desktop.  But everything is within easy reach, the feel of the interface is natural, and it runs FAST.  It was a help that #! was media-ready out of the box: DVD movies, audio CDs, MP3 and OGG.  I added a group of games, and easily wired them into the menu system using GEdit on the XML.  There are helper programs, but I would have had to learn them. 

I carefully consider each new application or package that I install, to avoid wrecking the simplicity and efficiency of my setup.  I now have to force myself to use my Ubuntu OS laptop -- and to go outside the house. I'm having fun tuning the environment in CrunchBang.  Something about this distro has me using the command line more often, too. 

I must say that I am a very happy new CrunchBang user.  It's time to go figure out how to use this Flatt'r thing.  smile

Charles in New Jersey
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