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Forum rules

Thank you for considering joining our CrunchBang Forums, we are a friendly bunch and we are looking forward to meeting you!

Something you should know...

We try and encourage a relaxed and friendly atmosphere on our forums. To help us do this, we do not have a bunch of forums rules. All we ask is that once you have verified your registration, please make at least 1 post. If your account is more than 7 days old and does not have any posts associated to it, you run the risk of having it deleted. Having your account deleted would suck, so please be excellent and write a post. :)

A couple more rules tips to help you along...

When posting to the forums, if you accidentally post in the wrong forum, please do not then repost in another forum; instead, ask one of our forum moderators to move your post.

Also, if you post a question and it does not attract any responses, please do not repost it; instead, consider bumping your original post by replying to it with more information. Try to be as helpful as you can to those who might be able to help you.

Furthermore, if you post a troubleshooting question and someone provides a working solution, please change the title of your topic to start with [Resolved]. Doing this simple task can really help other members!

Lastly, have fun! :)

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