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#1 2010-08-18 13:58:26

From: Gulf of Mexico
Registered: 2009-01-17
Posts: 13

Statler: THANKS!

after doinking around with a number of distros for my Linux-based 900 and 1000, i have finally found peace and happiness w/Statler...

took a number of hours to do an upgrade and full install...

however, libxss1 was not installed (!), which threw a temporary roadblock on getting the latest Skype Linux beta up and running...

other than that easy fix (along with having to run the mixer to unmute all the devices), the system seems fine and responsive...

i'm a happy camper - thanks and kudos to the developers!


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#2 2010-08-18 14:19:26

#! Die Hard
Registered: 2010-03-26
Posts: 548

Re: Statler: THANKS!

Welcome -- hope you don't mind if I make a slight change to your comment.  wink

....i'm a happy camper - thanks and kudos to the developer!


#3 2010-09-23 17:16:45

#! CrunchBanger
Registered: 2010-09-22
Posts: 121

Re: Statler: THANKS!

Ohhh, I'm so in love with #! Statler!!
smile big_smile smile
I love it far more than plain Debian, OpenGEU, Slackware, Arch, Fedora, and of course, the Ubuntus.  The #! developer is fantastic! cool

Utterly elegant and intuitive... and the post-install script is an epic win .  The Statler themes and configuration choices are gorgeous and slick.  Finally, a system without cruft and yet utterly cozy.

Love love love... Thank you for helping me make peace, now I don't feel like somewhere the Linux grass must be greener.

...But I'm ever so squeezable!


#4 2010-09-24 12:01:12

Registered: 2008-11-24
Posts: 2,960

Re: Statler: THANKS!

Welcome to the forums! smile



#5 2010-10-06 04:41:08

#! Die Hard
From: Fort Worth, Texas
Registered: 2010-04-07
Posts: 2,303

Re: Statler: THANKS!

Welcome to #! smile

"When I enter a command... I expect ass to be hauled and the coffeelike aroma of hustle delicately hovering in the air." -thalassophile

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#6 2010-10-06 04:54:41

#! Die Hard
From: Las Vegas > US
Registered: 2009-09-14
Posts: 1,622

Re: Statler: THANKS!

Welcome to #!Crunchbang and the #!Forums.

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