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#1 2010-08-09 20:37:00

#! Die Hard
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use openbox rc.xml with xmonad

full thread title:
use keyboard shortcuts from openbox's rc.xml with xmonad as your window manager.

sry, probably just another of those mad ideas i have, but never get around to.

i was thinking it'd be smart to either add my openbox controls for starting applications to my xmonad in some clever n careful simple way, or more reluctantly have to go through it all n add it manually even going to the extent to create the same config twice to keep the controls the same.

really, what i was hoping for, would be one line (or two) in xmonad.hs pointing to the rc.xml, or some clever extraction from it...

/me wanders off and gets back to what he was originally doing before his train of thought was abruptly interrupted with this mad idea.


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#2 2010-08-09 22:06:38

Wiki Wizard
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Re: use openbox rc.xml with xmonad

im sure some kind of sed/awk/python script could do what you want, whether its more effort than its worth I don't know.

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