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#751 2014-02-15 14:39:34

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Re: Why do you use #!Crunchbang

I still feel like a novice with Linux, but after Ubuntu introduced the Unity desktop I realised it was time to start looking for a lighter and less cumbersome system; and as other people have already commented, Crunchbang just works.  And there's something I quite like about the minimal desktop - I just don't feel like I need to customise it beyond tweaking the menu a bit.     
Currently typing this on an old and worn-out laptop that's held together with gaffer tape to keep the screen casing in place, with Crunchbang running on it, and it simply does everything I need it to.  What more could a cheapskate ask for?   lol


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#752 2014-02-20 15:36:50

Registered: 2014-02-14
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Re: Why do you use #!Crunchbang

-It is ready for use after installation
-Looks good
-Fast on my SSD
-Nice people, who actually helps, if problems with linux- newbie like me.


#753 2014-02-28 09:07:14

Registered: 2014-02-27
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Re: Why do you use #!Crunchbang

My first experiences with Linux were with Suse back in '02, I liked playing with it and had the luck of having two or three linux connoisseurs in my apprenticeship class.
I've always liked playing with different distros, most of them Debian based, but never had Linux installed as main OS.
What really got me hooked on #! were:
- based on Debian
- lightweight
- fast (even when not on a SSD)
- simple yet appealing looks (even though it could be modified, I only added information to conky)

Crunchbang is the only Linux installation which has not had to share a PC with any other OS.


#754 2014-03-20 22:24:10

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Re: Why do you use #!Crunchbang

I use it, because
- a friend, now dead :-( , encouraged me to try it out
- i wanted a slim distro on a stick
- a small and fast desktop manager, which openbox is
- usable on a old IBM Laptop
- a not too big distro for dual-boot modus

Furthermore i wanted to try a different system for training reasons.


#755 2014-03-21 01:13:16

#! CrunchBanger
From: Beyond
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Re: Why do you use #!Crunchbang

I continue to use it because it is awsome:

Debian Stable tweaked by corenominal
Amazing amount of packages in Debian repo
Openbox - lean & mean

What else could I want cool



#756 2014-03-23 08:38:14

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Re: Why do you use #!Crunchbang

Fast and stable !!!!

I try to find which linux distro will support my job. Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, Arch, Korora, ....

#!Crunchbang is very comfortable and suitable for me.  wink  wink



#757 2014-03-27 15:58:36

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From: Cape Town, South Africa
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Re: Why do you use #!Crunchbang

Hi Everyone!

I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to Linux but am comfortable enough with it and all the support on various forums that switching to #! as the distro for my work laptop was simple and I'm happy with the move. I'm an economist and mainly use my work laptop to run various statistical packages, such as R, STATA, and MATLAB, all of which are supported on #!. The reason I chose #! is that because it is so light on my machines's resources, the previously reserved capacity can go towards the raw computing power needed for my stats programs. After doing some testing for windows7 vs. #! on the same machine with a few different codes in the same program, I found #! to be just as fast on code that was CPU/RAM light, and increasingly faster the more the code required of the CPU and RAM.

No brainer, I'm super happy with #!  smile


#758 2014-03-27 16:18:58

#! CrunchBanger
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Re: Why do you use #!Crunchbang

I'm using it because I needed a way to get my old (10 years?) computer running smoothly again. With a very low resource usage, CrunchBang worked for me, and it certainly doesn't hurt that I can customize just about everything to my heart's content. I didn't lose any programs in the switch from XP, and I actually regained the abililty to use Opera without having excessive swapping grind the computer to a halt. This is the third linux distro I've been on after using DSL to repair a laptop a few years ago and trying out the Xubuntu live CD a few weeks ago, and things are pretty good here.

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#759 2014-03-27 23:34:36

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Re: Why do you use #!Crunchbang

CB makes my work life very efficient. No need to deal with unpredictable update breakages or constant spending $ on os-upgrades/app-upgrades/virus-protection/subscriptions/and myriad other things that go with proprietary os'es and sometimes even other Linuxes. Plus most everything works out of the box and is set up in an intelligent, sensible way. Really, this is a "working person's" operating system. No fluff, just power.


#760 2014-03-27 23:55:18

From: Chandler, AZ
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Re: Why do you use #!Crunchbang

I have been using #! for a few days now and was distro hopping for a lightweight and fast distro. This OS is simply amazing! So fast, stable and convenient. I have learned much more with this distro than with Ubuntu or Puppy. The #! team has done a fantastic job of making this distro an end-all for distro hoppers. I LOVE #! and already have one convert who needed an alternative for his iBook. Thank you, #! team for all you do! You now have another loyal patron.

Joe Johnston
Crunchbang Champion
"All the best people in life seem to like LINUX."
Steve Wozniak


#761 2014-04-03 16:47:30

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Re: Why do you use #!Crunchbang

I personally felt like #! was a specialized OS made just for me since the 1st time I crossed over to the Dark Side starting with Statler.  I've been running Waldorf for over a year now on my T40, X22 and NC10 with no problems at all.  #! is amazingly fast from bootup to shutdown ootb.  Simple, reliable, customizable and just so cool like that.  I used to be a casual distro hopper for years but #! has me hook, line and sinker.  Viva la #!.

T40 - #!Waldorf - Puppy Frugal -  glasses


#762 2014-04-06 17:54:26

Registered: 2014-04-04
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Re: Why do you use #!Crunchbang

Why am I using #!?

Lets see:
PIII mobile 700Mhz 192MB RAM (not upgradable)
End of XP support
Zenwalk (previous distro of choice) wouldn't play nice with the hardware
Debian minimal takes too long to get how I want
No messing around with boot parameters to make the video work during install
(as with Mint, and several others, which then proceed to set up non working video modes - you'd think the installers would figure out if you had to run install in other than the default video mode, you need to run the OS in other than default video mode but NOOOOOOOOOO.....)
No messing around swapping to tty2 and activating swap just to get the install to run (several major distros)
All the hardware working within an hour of installing
(Unheard of! Even the Win2k it was supplied running takes longer than that to get talking to the WiFi)
Only time it's been even close to this fast was when I Ran 98Lite on it....

I'm seriously Impressed, I may even look into changing my Windows Server 2k3 + wampserver64 box to #! + LAMP rather than downgrading to 2k8/12 .... Windows peaked at 2k it's been downhill ever since (my opinion)
(though it'll still need windoze of some flavour in a VM running concurrently on it, in the same way it currently has Linux in a VM under 2k3, the setup requires running stuff that neither OS can do by itself)

Blessed is he who expecteth nothing, for he shall not be disappointed...


#763 2014-04-17 01:32:13

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Re: Why do you use #!Crunchbang

Why do I use Crunchbang? I use it because I wanted a linux distro that is lightweight, looks good, and is based on Debian. Crunchbang gave me all of these, and it doesn't complain when I customize something, which is really, really, really nice! Plus, I'm using an old computer (Pentium D, 1.5GB of RAM), so it's very nice how fast crunchbbang is.  (Don't worry, I'll soon be getting an only moderatly old core 2 quad system, with 4GB of RAM. Can't wait!)


#764 Today 02:11:31

Registered: 2014-03-12
Posts: 31

Re: Why do you use #!Crunchbang

I use Crunchbang because it is very close to what I would set up myself from a Debian netinstall.  A minimal system with a minimal desktop and a minimal set of apps. If I were to create my own personal, installable distro for convenience... well... it would pretty much be Crunchbang. So I don't make the effort. And I dig the theming. smile


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