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#1 2014-04-05 19:16:52

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Can't boot CrunchBang

Hi! I'm having some trouble getting #! to boot.
It just stops loading after a while and it seems it's a graphics driver related problem or something. I couldn't find a log so I took a picture of the text.


Sometimes it even goes past that and clears the screen but then it gets stuck.

Booting into recovery mode works, but if I type startx the same thing happens, black screen white '_' at the top left.
I'll try to re-install amd proprietary graphics drivers

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#2 2014-04-05 21:31:08

#! CrunchBanger
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Re: Can't boot CrunchBang

Wow, I think your CB copy is corrupt. Try downloading and reinstalling it.

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#3 2014-04-06 13:43:14

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Re: Can't boot CrunchBang

Remember to verify the MD5 checksum...


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