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#26 2014-02-24 21:37:26

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Re: Distros other than #!

NixOS wrote:

1. Things won't break while upgrading

nice promise. big_smile
how do they achieve it?

...built from a Nix expression and stored under a path like


By building entire system configurations from a Nix expression, NixOS ensures that such configurations don’t overwrite each other, can be rolled back, and so on.

A big implication of the way that Nix/NixOS stores packages is that there is no /bin, /sbin, /lib, /usr, and so on. Instead all packages are kept in /nix/store. (The only exception is a symlink /bin/sh to Bash in the Nix store.)

meaning: total 100% user-unfriendliness. you can't find anything, you are 100% dependent on NixOS developers - with similar implications following as has been pointed out with tanglu.
reminds me of trying to get inside my phones symbian os. they also have these inhuman file/folder names.
it also means: derailing the single most best feature of linux, the sharing of applications/libraries/stuff. the openness, basically.

seems to be a new fad in business, trying to think of ways to get some bucks out of the whale that is linux.
(edit: it's not exactly new, but the way it's done is: instead of just selling maintenance contracts, the new ones are being very sneaky about it - you think it's all free and end up in an app store universe)

but, to sunnier shores!

on my previously mentioned beautiful and mature if somewhat slow piece of hardware, i now installed SliTaz, and i'm blown away.
crunchbang takes 30s to boot from boot manager roughly until the desktop is fully functional (autologin enabled) - SliTaz takes 18s for booting into an openbox desktop with lxpanel and pcmanfm.
it's been around for a while, seems to have a lively community, and while i haven't gotten behind the scenes yet, everything feels sturdy, thought-through and minimalised on every level while still providing a comprehensible gui (the tazweb browser, also powering the multi-purpose tazpanel, is genius).
it's what puppy linux isn't: a _serious_ distro for (very) old hardware.
it's using a 2.6.x kernel, which doubtlessly enables it to be so damn fast. i have yet to find out what limitations that entails and how slitaz are dealing with it.

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