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#1 2014-02-05 19:11:45

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Customize or Edit keyboard layout

Edit: Please erase this post. I've found an alternative. Pressing Alt Gr + Q gives me / and pressing Alt Gr + W gives me ?; all's fine now. Thank you smile

Hello, everyone.

I'm a linux newbie (Have tried a few distros so far) and I've just installed #! and I'm enjoying it a lot so far. Seems like I've finally found my linux distro. However, I've a little problem, not with the distro itself but hoping I can solve it through this one.

I have a brazilian portuguese keyboard. It works just fine except for only one key: the interrogation '?' and '/' key. Something's wrong with it, because despite not working on any text boxes, i.e., if I press it, nothing will happen, when I open Windows' keyboard layout viewer and press it, the viewer recognizes I've pressed it. But only there.

So what I would like to do is change the '/' key to somewhere else. Maybe Alt Gr, since I don't use it. Is there anyway to do so? That is, if I press Alt Gr, it will work as if it was the '?' and '/' key.

A solution I use in windows is to set the keyboard to the US international layout, where I can use the brazilian ':' and ';' to generate '?' and '/', and the said malfunctioning key is non-existant. However, using the US international layout on #! is extremely painful for accents like ç,  é, ê, and such, common in my language, since I have to press composite + accent + letter. And sometimes, composite + shift + accent + letter. In Windows, there's no need to use a composite key, it works pretty much like in brazilian layout: I just have to press accent + letter. If there's anyway to do so on #!, I'd appreciate as well. However, moving the '?' and '/' to a responsive key is still my priority since it will be more comfortable.

Thanks in advance


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#2 2014-02-05 19:35:25

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Re: Customize or Edit keyboard layout

xev will show you what the keycodes are, then you can use that to set the keys with xmodmap

man xmodmap

for the usage (Search the forums for what others have done - search tool top right of page)

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