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#1 2013-10-06 11:28:23

New Member
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Hey #!

Hey there!

I've been a full-time Ubuntu user since 2009 but got tired with the recent developments. Especially its focus on Unity and Mir made me look for alternatives. I've also used Mint and OpenSUSE but didn't like them particularly.

Installed #! today and loving it already. With the post-installation script and smxi, everything got installed smoothly (even my dual monitor setup with nvidia card was recognized).

I hate the thunar version that comes pre-installed though. Upgraded to 1.6.2 with siduction repos. Looks much better now. #! should really ship with thunar 1.6.x.

Hoping to have a good time here. Thanks everyone for this awesome distro! smile



Be excellent to each other!

#2 2013-10-06 11:30:24

#! Die Hard
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Re: Hey #!

Welcome aboard thameera.

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#3 2013-10-06 13:12:29

#! Junkie
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Re: Hey #!


It's interesting to note how many of our new users these days claim to have come from Ubuntu and been disillusioned with the route Canonical are taking...


#4 2013-10-06 18:43:44

From: Reality Check 101.
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Re: Hey #!

Welcome to the Crunchbang Community Thameera.
I myself wish I had opted in for Crunchbang long ago versus quite recently.

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#5 2013-10-25 17:12:57

#! Junkie
From: In a time-warp to 2002!
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Re: Hey #!

Hello, and welcome!  hope you'll enjoy the ride, and thanks for flying #!  smile


#6 2013-10-26 20:49:05

#! Die Hard
From: Church of the Subgenius
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Re: Hey #!

Welcome to the dark side.

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#7 2013-10-27 04:09:26

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Re: Hey #!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! In love with the #! community. smile


#8 2013-10-27 10:20:16

Quantum Geek
From: Hogwarts
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Re: Hey #!

Welcome to #!, have fun! smile

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