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#1 2013-05-09 04:15:01

#! Die Hard
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I keep posting on the forums...totally spaced introducing myself :P

I have been meaning to post a introduction and hopefully I can finish before:

1. the baby wakes up and starts crying...
2. my 3yr old daughter wakes up from her na..too late..

*TIME LAPSE* ANYWAY!  I have only been using linux on and off for about 3 some years.  I remember in my early college days arguing with one of my friends who was a linux nut about and I was into windows because I was a heavy gamer (worked in video/pc game retail for over 10 years).  I then later started working at a PC Repair shop and was looking to get files off a laptop that wouldnt boot.  One of the other part time techs suggesting using Ubuntu which I have never heard of then.  I started looking more into linux and testing it on old computers (puppy linux) and thought how cool it was that it ran that fast!

To #!... I wanted to find a OS that would run well on a old hp dv4018cl laptop (1.6 ghz pentium M and 1gb of ram and IDE 2.5 HDD).  I tried all the offical ubuntu's but they all ran slow and sluggish.  Puppy was superfast but was way too sensitive on the touchpad and not as much full featured software and games easily accessible.  I used the last linux mint lxde edition which was very snappy and usable but had difficulty installing and setting up games.  I remember watching videos of a lightweight distro called crunchbang (I heard of the Ubuntu one but by the time I tried it I got Statler) and its "right click menu" which at the time looked so crazy and too advanced for me...but so freakin AWESOME... I finally decided to give it a go...

"56mb ram usage while idling?!?!!? HOW THE F..." 

"Ok I installed (insert program) why cant I find it in the menu?"

"ugh I have to type stuff in this command line? Crap! I hope I don't break something..."

Some of the many things I said or remember thinking...

I finally got the hang of it, learned to use obmenu, the terminal command APT-GET (I swear now its OCD to type sudo apt-get update & upgrade when i sit down at my pc!).  I continued to mess around with #! on the laptop and then went back to mint lxde but when I went to install all the free linux games I liked (Urban Terror, Open Arena) I couldn't get Urban Terror to run right on it, but on #! all my playdeb games worked perfect.  Then the wifi card on the laptop suddently stopped working!  I tried all the previous ubuntu distros it worked on before...nothing!  $%&^!  What happened?  Now what?...(#! disc seemed to shine...where's that choir music coming from?)  Boom!  #! Statler on the standard kernel wifi working and reading out of the box!  #! will stay on that laptop till it goes to the great Silicon Valley in the sky...

So on my Desktop I still was using Windows 7 because I was heavy into gaming at the time..  I then started trying out Ubuntu using the Wubi installer, then dual booting, Then experimenting with wine via playonlinux (playing Diablo 3 with my wife and bro in law online).  Started watching youtube videos of jakejw93 playing all these awesome windows games through wine on ubuntu...  I got Amazon Prime so I used Amazon Prime instant video...

GAWD! I thought to myself...

"If I had Native Steam and Netflix I would so be done with windo.."



I would use my laptop in my bed to get some work done remembered the COOLEST OPENBOX Xperience!...I tried remixing my own #! ubuntu using the 9.04.01 install script (it worked but I had alot of fixing to do and in doing so I learned alot!)  But somethings just couldn't work I decided to try out waldorf on my desktop...


HOLY SHIT!  WALDORF IS FUCKING AMAZIN!  I loved the icon set in the tint2 panel and how polished the compositing and shadowing is on the openbox menu, JUST GORGEOUS!  I kept distro hopping between ubuntu and waldorf till I looked through the forums to see about adding netflix and linux steam client...did that, added a second monitor and installed the NVIDIA Driver and ...

My current setup!:

Fast forward to now!  I am competely running #! and windows free and LOVIN IT!  I have learned so much about linux thanks to this great distro!  I now see why my friend was so excited about linux!  Never have to Defrag, disk cleanup, worry about Windoze Viruses...  And I love the fact that its all FREE!  And not FREE as in $(Though thats a super +!) but FREE as in FREEDOM and OPEN to make changes or build or distribute.

#!..Best Linux Distribution EVER.

Corenominal, Thank you for sharing your creation to the WORLD!  At first I was in the boat wondering "Why did you move from Ubuntu to Debian?"  But after working with ubuntu minimal install and making my own Openbox setups...I kept getting bugs after bugs...Debian is Super Stable and Flexible so I totally see and I am GLAD you switched!  I thought I was going to continue to distro hop all over...(I tried Archbang and Semplice..even 4.0)..And nope...couldn't tear me from #!.

What's the future with me and Linux?  Well I now want to take some online free courses to learn as much as I can and then start diving into heavier paid courses for certifications and maybe become a network or system admin.  I am currently looking to take my headless netbook and make a media/file sharing server for the house.  I still haven't been able to get ahold of anyone from the Local LUG...(UGH).  Anyone out around the Midwest?

Well anyway Sorry this was so long and I hope it made sense and was a enjoyable read.  Thanks to Corenominal and to the Whole #! Community on the Forums and the IRC Channel.  I have to say #! is #1 in my Book for Community support!  Everyone is so welcoming and cool to newcomers and respectable and just cool to chat with! 

Ok Ill leave you with one more Crazy am I for Linux and #!..Well my son Fenix (Linux was a no go with my wife nor Crunchbang....even as a middle name)  was born 2 months ago and we got newborn pictures is a special one for everyone!


H4PPY H4CK1NG! #!r's!

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#2 2013-05-09 04:35:51

The #! Guy
From: Felton, California, USA
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Re: I keep posting on the forums...totally spaced introducing myself :P

Well, finally: Welcome to CrunchBang, th3pun15h3r, and thanks for contributing your expertise to the distro!

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#3 2013-05-09 04:47:44

#! by Default
From: /grill
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Re: I keep posting on the forums...totally spaced introducing myself :P

thanks for the read, welcome and continue enjoying#!

Time to move on!#


#4 2013-05-09 05:04:05

#! Code Whisperer
From: The Bleeding Edge
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Re: I keep posting on the forums...totally spaced introducing myself :P

Glad to see the formal introduction Mr. th3pun15h3r.  I can totally relate to the kids scenario.  It takes a real man to undergo sysadmin work while juggling bottles. wink


#5 2013-05-09 05:04:59

#! Die Hard
Registered: 2011-11-22
Posts: 571

Re: I keep posting on the forums...totally spaced introducing myself :P

Thanks!  Every time I open up my browser I check the recent post feeds on the forums.  I've been glad when I can help and hope I can do more to help #! development and the community.  glasses


#6 2013-05-09 05:13:29

#! Die Hard
Registered: 2011-11-22
Posts: 571

Re: I keep posting on the forums...totally spaced introducing myself :P

@DebianJoe Thanks! Ya, I Just want to have a back up job and plus want to know more about linux though for desktop usage im very comfortable (I think more so with linux than windows ironically especially with windows 8...DIS-ASS-TER.  But I know 0 ZIP about Networking...TOE TALL N00B.

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#7 2013-05-09 09:05:22

#! Die Hard
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Re: I keep posting on the forums...totally spaced introducing myself :P

Welcome aboard th3pun15h3r.

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#8 2013-05-12 13:49:05

#! Ranger
From: V-Ger
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Re: I keep posting on the forums...totally spaced introducing myself :P

Welcome to CrunchBang and the Community th3pun15h3r, we are glad to have you!

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