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#1 2013-04-18 21:01:14

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Weird video artefacts in youtube videos

Hiya crunch-heads!

Ever since I upgraded to Waldorf a couple months back I've noticed a weird artefacty static in Youtube videos that wasn't present before. It doesn't show up on Vimeo or Dailymotion or literally any other video i see online, but only in Youtube videos (even the preroll advertisements don't have the static!) It happens in both chromium and goog-chrome-stable, but not in iceweasel.

I haven't a clue where to begin so I throw this to you cunning folk.

Here's an animated gif of what it looks like, just picture the static moving 3 times as fast:


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#2 2013-04-18 21:06:49

Internal Affairs
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Re: Weird video artefacts in youtube videos

Does this thread help at all?


#3 2013-04-18 21:28:35

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Re: Weird video artefacts in youtube videos

i had this problem using chrome but not when using chromium. It's a problem with the player chrome uses for videos in html 5 enabled websites. I work around i guess would be to watch youtube via flash rather than html5 video or give chromium a try.


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