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#1 2013-03-06 16:32:54

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Guten Tag

Hello everybody,

I finally registered on the forums, having been an avid reader for almost a year. #! is the first linux distro I used for longer than a day. I mainly picked it b/c of the looks. Yes, the looks. And no, I've never been an Apple user. (The only other serious competitor in this regard would be Trisquel, but for a newbie like me who doesn't really know what he's doing Trisquel's learning curve was a bit too steep and there's no real replacement for Flash, yet.) Anyway, turned out #! is good not only on the surface. So far I've encountered only a handful of problems, and all of these could be solved by reading the forums and the docs. This morning I accidentally installed the xfce WM, for reasons I'm too embarrassed to admit, then -- so I thought -- removed and purged it, but after logging out and in again was welcomed by xfce instead of openbox. Needless to say, I finally found the answer in a forum thread, but only after registering here, being on the edge of tears for an hour or two and thumping the keyboard with my flat hands, thereby hitting F1 which lead me back to openbox. So, instead of drive-by-introducing myself in a support thread, I'm making this rather pointless and babbling posting in an apologetic manner. Don't expect too many posts from my side, I'm more of a reader than a poster on the internetz, but who knows ... I could start by posting my wallpaper/conky. In the appropriate thread, of course.

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#2 2013-03-06 18:00:02

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Re: Guten Tag

Welcome aboard humhumxx.

You might find these threads of interest :-

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A good general beginners book for Linux :-
A good Debian read :-


#3 2013-03-06 18:00:12

#! Ranger
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Re: Guten Tag

Welcome to CrunchBang and the Community humhumxx, we are glad to have you!

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#4 2013-03-07 17:23:27

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Re: Guten Tag

Welcome humhumxx. No need to be at the edge of tears, it's quite common if you're that new to Linux to reinstall a few times in the beginning until you've learnt your lesson and have started to know the system better. Glad you managed without though in the end.

Only a few problems?  lol  Wonder what they might be, I didn't have any. Perhaps except wireless, Broadcom is often troublesome. And I don't set up printers, that may be a little bit more involved as well.

Thanks for posting and introducing yourself.

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#5 2013-03-07 19:30:05

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Re: Guten Tag

Did you know that all Youtube videos are now in HTML5?

Observe the difference between the following links to the same video

Just apply the same logic to any video on Youtube and you won't need Flash ever again.


#6 2013-03-07 21:17:16

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Re: Guten Tag

Thanks for the welcome!

Barnabyh wrote:

Only a few problems?  lol  Wonder what they might be, I didn't have any. Perhaps except wireless, Broadcom is often troublesome. And I don't set up printers, that may be a little bit more involved as well.

Well, "problems" as in "problems of a linux newbie", mostly GUI (or better non-GUI, ha!) issues and not finding things in places an ex-Windows user would expect them to. Setting up my printer was straight forward, setting up my WiFi dongle not so much, but I got it to work in the end.

I'm now typing from a brand new laptop, so said problems with my 10-year old desktop are now a thing of the past. Speaking of it, I could report my laptop in that designated thread I came across where people post their machines and peripherals. Might be of use to someone.

3 or 4 issues:

1) I had to resort to this thread to extend the battery life from 3,5 h to 5 h in browsing mode (no videos and stuff), but if I understand correctly, that's a kernel issue.
2) There are two alleged problems while booting, one referring to my card reader, which works fine, though, and one concerning some "*MUX* error" which, as I could read on other sites, has no known consequences.
3) My WiFi stops working sometimes, randomly, and it does not reconnect. Doesn't bother me much, though, happens once a day or so, and after a 10 sec reboot it's working again. While rebooting it says "ath0 failed to wake up in ... s" but, oh well. Can't be arsed to dig into this at the moment.

intoCB wrote:

Did you know that all Youtube videos are now in HTML5

I know. Ironically, YouTube is the only site where Trisquel's Flash replacement, gnash, actually worked, so there was no need switching to HTML5 (which, btw, runs incredibly smoothly in Firefox, or Abrowser, as they call it). On any other site the video window remained black, and there was no HMTL5 option either.


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