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#26 2013-02-08 02:51:24

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Re: <SOLVED> Please help me fix grub2.cfg, I lost access to my #!

ok, not that I was lazy and didn't want to tame this beast (I love a challenge) but got schoolwork to do, so I ended up repartitioning to toss the dedicated boot partition and reinstalled Lubuntu, Cinnarch and Crunchbang.

I let each one write grub to MBR and this time I did #! last and after rebooting it can see all three systems and of course #! is set as the default.

here's my setup now:

Thanks again so much for all the advice! I think I'm beginning to get the chroot process. good thing is it's coming up in a couple weeks in my Linux course, so I'm sure soon I'll have it down pat.

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#27 2013-02-08 10:05:25

wookiee madclaw
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Re: <SOLVED> Please help me fix grub2.cfg, I lost access to my #!

Good work. smile
I feel that you would have sorted it, one way or another, but as you had the chance to start again... probably less problems in the long run


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