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#51 2012-10-21 14:35:05

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Re: SpaceFM - Plugins & Tools

^ What version of spacefm are you using?  0.8.1 is the latest.

Is this folder on a non-system device like a network mount (samba, nfs, etc.)?
Having to refresh the folder to see changes is normal for those types of devices if the changes are made to the folder by another computer.

If refreshing does not work in spacefm it might be caused by using a uncommon filesystem that has not seen a lot of user testing.
There have been a few bug reports that lead to filesystem specific changes before.

You might want to look through the bug reports to see if someone has reported the same thing before.
If no one has had the same problem you might want to file a bug report about it.


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#52 2012-12-14 02:11:12

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Re: SpaceFM - Plugins & Tools

Sorry about being so late on responding.  I took a project overseas and have been doing the relo thing the past 90 days or so.  I built a new box and have the same issues (all else working great on Spacefm and for fun did a Waldorf to Sid box, as usual CB looks and works great).  I think this is a local config issue, I read the bug reports and saw nothing close, went through u devil and learned some new stuff along the way but still the same issue.  I now have 0.8.3 Spacefm and all the plug ins and just this drive issue.  I will pop something off to the Guru and see if he has any ideas.  I have always found him very helpful and responsive.  It's certainly no deal killer, Spacefm is great.  Thanks for all the input.

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#53 2013-02-02 09:56:04

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Re: SpaceFM - Plugins & Tools

i think SpacFM rocks as a file manager but the getting plugins to work is too much hit and miss and too complicated compared to other file managers I have used.

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