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#1 2013-01-27 21:14:43

From: Colombia
Registered: 2013-01-27
Posts: 14

obligatory introduction

Hi all,

I'm a first time linux user, looking for something I can get my teeth into and use to really learn about what's going on behind the pretty pictures. Been using OS X for the last few years and of course never far away from a windows system. Currently have CrunchBang installed on an old Sony Vaio, which has gone pretty smoothly except for some eating up the CPU a bit too quickly for my liking. I'll be looking to install CrunchBang as a dual boot on my macbook pro soon. I hope that won't cause too many headaches.

Saludos from Medellin, Colombia


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#2 2013-01-27 21:19:23

Registered: 2012-10-25
Posts: 2,228

Re: obligatory introduction

Welcome, from a fellow Vaio CrunchBanger.

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#3 2013-01-28 04:44:17

The #! Guy
From: Felton, California, USA
Registered: 2011-07-21
Posts: 2,225

Re: obligatory introduction

Bienvenidos, madclassix, and welcome aboard CrunchBang. Enjoy the distro!

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#4 2013-01-28 09:42:09

#! Die Hard
Registered: 2012-11-14
Posts: 1,948

Re: obligatory introduction

Welcome aboard madclassix.

You might find this thread of interest :-

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A good general beginners book for Linux :-
A good Debian read :-


#5 2013-01-28 15:57:01

#! CrunchBanger
From: Dallas, Texas
Registered: 2011-01-09
Posts: 230

Re: obligatory introduction

Welcome to #!


#6 2013-01-28 16:41:25

#! Ranger
From: V-Ger
Registered: 2011-04-26
Posts: 10,165

Re: obligatory introduction

Welcome to CrunchBang and the Community madclassix, we are glad to have you!

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#7 2013-01-29 21:02:19

From: Colombia
Registered: 2013-01-27
Posts: 14

Re: obligatory introduction

Thanks for the welcome guys (girls?). For the last few days I've been without internet so I haven't been able to dig into customizing the appearance of my desktop and all that fun stuff just yet. I look forward to picking your combined brains very soon.


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