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#1 2013-01-13 21:01:05

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Crunchbang freezes on startup


I installed crunchbang 10 Statler a few weeks ago from a live cd. Everything was fine until one day I booted up crunch bang and it froze on a loading screen (see image)


I have left it on for about 15mins or so to see if it would load normally but it doesn't. I've tried restarting it and it would freeze at different points on the startup. For example in the image above it stopped on gdm, but sometimes it would stop on Network manager, hald or something else.

The only real change I remember making before this happened was getting the eclipse IDE with the android plugin.  Another note on the screen before this there is some text that says something about "broken bios". I get that message when I boot from the live cd as well. I've pretty much ignored it the whole time since everything seemed to work fine until now.

If anyone could give me some help I would appreciate it.



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#2 2013-01-14 11:24:59

The Good Doctor
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Re: Crunchbang freezes on startup

Try the waldorf version.


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