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#1 2008-11-29 00:17:45

New Member
From: England
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Nice to be part of Crunchbang Linux community


I'm jessica currently 15 and have been a distro jumper for most of my life. I started off on mandrake when i was little as my dad use to love it although he is now a windows user sad i love linux and always will big_smile. I came across crunchbang linux because of distro watch and thought i should give it ago manly just to see what a pre-configured openbox would be like as ive allways configured my own on arch and gentoo but i got drawn in by speed and responsiveness and the general feel of the system and i browsed the web to find a nice little community.

I have now installed crunchbang on 3 machines (my server, my main laptop and my dads desktop (30gb partiton rest is windows). Its the best distro ive come across. To me this distro looks and feels like great for new users even though the minomalisem and great for experanced as it cuts out the donkey work of writing config files.

I hope to post around here a lot and use crunchbang for maybe years to come smile

thanks for making such a great distro and having a nice little forum with what looks like a great little community


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#2 2008-11-29 00:26:14

From: Lincoln, UK
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Re: Nice to be part of Crunchbang Linux community

Hi xray7224 smile Welcome to the forums!

Thank you for writing such a nice introduction and for sharing your computing background. I think it is nice when you know that little bit more about the person you are conversing with, it helps to know how to structure replies and such.

Anyway, it is good to have you around, your experience could come in handy! Looking forward to seeing you around smile

Ex-developer of #! CrunchBang. Follow me on Twitter smile


#3 2008-11-29 00:37:13

The Mac Magician
From: montpellier,france
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Re: Nice to be part of Crunchbang Linux community

+1 smile
Welcome on a crunchy-world ! big_smile

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#4 2008-11-29 02:22:52

#! wanderer
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Re: Nice to be part of Crunchbang Linux community

Welcome to the forums xray7224 smile


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