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#1 2012-12-30 04:40:27

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How can I get taskbar/dock/launcher icons to show grouped instances?

As described in this question I asked on AskUbuntu, I find it much faster to identify a window in the taskbar (window list) by its icon,


rather than by its text:


The problem with many window managers is that they don't group windows, and if you have more terminals or file managers, they'll just clutter the taskbar and you won't know which is which. Unity offers a relatively elegant solution to this by grouping similar window icons together, and clearly indicating when there's more than one instance running behind an icon.

LXDE's LX Panel can group similar windows under one icon (right-click the taskbar and select "Task Bar (Window List)" Settings. Check "Combine multiple application windows into a single button" and "icons only"). However, there's no visual indication that an icon may represent more than one window.

Is it possible to emulate the behavior of Unity or Windows 7 with OpenBox or some Crunchbang hack?


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