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#1 2012-09-25 15:30:22

Registered: 2009-05-08
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[solved] 20120924 testing image on Samsung NC10 (NC150P) wlan & Fn key

Notes on install of 20120924 testing images on Samsung NP-NC10 (N150P)
Download .iso image and install via unetbootin

Swap not recognised in fstab (no entries)
Solution - add entry in fstab for swap partition manually
Wireless Lan not recognised (for BCM4313 wireless)
Solution- install package firmware-brcm80211

function keys for wireless, backlight etc do not work (only volume and touchpad toggle works)
Solution - install dkms and headers package, then follow instructions here: … ung%20N150
All functions work: bluetooth, camera, fan, backlight, wireless, touchpad, battery

After installing above fixes, the function Fn key sticks so secondary keys work (eg P=*, U=4 etc)
Fix: follow instruction here (add N150P as YOURMODEL): … 0-notebook


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