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#1 2008-11-28 16:07:41

Master One
Registered: 2008-11-25
Posts: 31

Why not Debian Lenny as base for #!?

Other Ubuntu-based distros have the whole bunch of Ubuntu just with customized config and/or artwork + additional tools.

As #! is set on top a minimal Ubuntu installation, why not using Debian Lenny as a base instead?

I have some installations of Ubuntu, Debian Lenny and sidux here, and I have to say, that Debian Lenny and sidux work a lot better than Ubuntu. Both are faster, no printing problems (for some reason I could not get printing to our printserver to work correctly with Ubuntu), easier to establish a cleaner setup, and most likely more stable.

Just a thought, but it #! on Debian would seem to make more sense than #! on Ubuntu...


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#2 2008-11-28 17:13:00

Registered: 2008-11-24
Posts: 2,960

Re: Why not Debian Lenny as base for #!?

Hi Master One,
I think Philip needs a break for the holidays before he develops any more distros! smile

But I think you will find many of the answers to your question here: … -upstream/

I have installed Lenny on my eee and it works great. I agree with you that a Lenny port of Crunchbang would be very nice. That being said, Openbox is identical in both Ubuntu and Debian, so you should be able to port Crunchbang's openbox configuration files over to Lenny with no problems. I was the one who suggested a distro-neutral Openbox subforum here, for just this reason.

Philip, if you ever have the spare time, I suggest a Debian installer script so that a user could do a minimal install of Debian Lenny + Openbox, then run the script to give it the Crunchbang "look and feel." smile



#3 2008-11-28 18:54:47

From: Lincoln, UK
Registered: 2008-11-20
Posts: 5,105

Re: Why not Debian Lenny as base for #!?

I hope you do not mind, but I have moved this topic from "help & support" to "feedback & suggestions".

Now, regarding the actual post, I do not think it is any secret that I am a big Debian fan. I have a number of Debian boxes and I have used it quite extensively on both the desktop and server, indeed, the server running this site is powered by Debian Lenny. In my experience the differences between Debian and Ubuntu, more so in the context of CrunchBang, are quite negligible. As snowpine pointed out, many of the so called Ubuntu packages are actually Debian packages which have been moved to Ubuntu without even the slightest of changes. For example, checkout the source for lxpanel as used by CrunchBang:

apt-get source lxpanel


dget && dpkg-source -x lxpanel_0.3.7-1.dsc

It is a Debian package, even down to the Debian specific patches. So, packages are for the large part irrelevant. I think the main reason why I have decided to stick with Ubuntu, at least for the time being, has more to do with Ubuntu's six month release schedule, which suits CrunchBang better than Debian's release when ready schedule and helps to keep the project fresh. Other than that, there really is no reason why someone could not rebuild a near enough identical version of CrunchBang using only Debian sources. If I get some spare time, I will try producing some build scripts to do just that smile

Ex-developer of #! CrunchBang. Follow me on Twitter smile


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