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#1 2009-06-02 06:49:33

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I'm somewhat of a newbie and I'm trying to learn how stuff works the old fashion trial-and-error way. Anyway my question is just concerning lxsession which is started in the script, why is it needed? When I comment it out I notice no difference, I thought it was dealing with stuff like shutdown, log out etc, but that is done by the openbox-logout python script and that is not affected by whether lxsession is running or not.

So my question is simply, what's the advantage of having lxsession running in the background?


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#2 2009-06-03 08:40:30

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Re: lxsession

Hello OMGitsUGOD smile

CrunchBang uses the lxsession-lite package, it provides some minimal session management such as remembering which page you are viewing in Evince etc. As you have noted, removing it from your autostart file will have very little noticeable change.

P.S. Welcome to the forums! smile


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