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#26 2012-01-10 09:56:28

From: inside Ed
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Re: Debian Sid netinstall?

sunfizz98 wrote:

Should I use netinstall or businesscard image for my installation?

The business card image has the option to install Sid in Expert mode. Plus, it's tiny.


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#27 2012-01-11 03:31:46

Caught in the Vortex
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Re: Debian Sid netinstall?

The netinstall is possible with a WPA encrypted wireless connection if you prepare a few files first. I wrote a tutorial here... … usb-drive/


#28 2012-01-11 05:47:27

#! CrunchBanger
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Re: Debian Sid netinstall?

the squeeze version of the debian installer did not support wpa during install
any newer version of d-i does support wpa during install


#29 2012-05-26 09:33:02

#! Die Hard
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Re: Debian Sid netinstall?

Is this where I get the testing netinstall image?

Then after doing this:

el_koraco wrote:

Install the base system, don't select the graphic environment, select the laptop set if you have a laptop. Once you reboot, enable contrib and non-free

# apt-get update
# apt-get install install xorg xinit openbox obconf lxappearance consolekit dbus-x11 |terminal emulator of choice|
# reboot
$ xinit /usr/bin/openbox

Then install whatever you want and set up stuff.

I can install scrotwm, xfce or fluxbox or whatever I want, and build up a custom system which contains just the stuff I want?

And that install will default to using "wheezy" in sources, so I could just continue to upgrade it and it would then eventually become Wheezy. Or I could change "wheezy" to "testing" in sources to keep it as a testing install?

The weekly snapshots would obviously just be more current than the "normal" netinstall image?

Also, the XFCE/LXDE version here is a normal Debian distro with these DEs. So if I went my route as above, I could still install XFCE, but then install only the other packages I wanted, rather than everything that comes in Debian XFCE?

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#30 2012-05-26 10:33:53

#! unstable
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Re: Debian Sid netinstall?

^ Briefly: yes to all, though the last link (about XFCE/LXDE) I understand like this:

They are all Installer images, those labelled with CD2 to CD47 or so contain all packages and make sense if you have no internet on the target computer and those CD2-47 are the repositories. The CD with XFCE4/LDXE gives the base installer with XFCE4 and LXDE included, the KDE one does the same for KDE. The one labelled with debian-wheezy-DI-a1-i386-CD-1.iso is default GNOME.

The business card and netinstall CDs install a base without X and without DE/WM and you need to download what you quoted from  el_koraco. It makes sense when you have internet on the target computer and/or don't need the suggested Desktop Environments of CD1 (KDE/XFCE/LXDE or the defaulting GNOME)

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