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#1 2011-06-19 04:04:11

#! Die Hard
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Some useful guides on tmux

I was going to write a howto for tmux, but then I found some really good guides elsewhere on the web. Tmux allows you to tile your terminal without using X. It can be really handy if you all of a sudden find yourself without a GUI for some reason. For example, you might have to administrate a headless server running a really old version of linux/unix. Memorizing all the keybinds or making your own is a really good idea, however, the most important keybind to remember is the one that lists all of the currently implemented keybinds. Just push ctrl+b, release it, then push shift+/ (or simply "?" if that makes it easier for you to remember).
Hawk Host Tmux Guide 1
Hawk Host Tmux Guide 2
Short Youtube video


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#2 2011-10-20 18:34:48

#! Junkie
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Re: Some useful guides on tmux

Tmux is a great boon on my netbook as it minimizes the amount of terminal emulators and virtual desktops I have to run. A plain english config. means easy customization. One terminal fullscreen on 1 workspace is sufficient for all the ncurses programs I run.

What do you guys like about Tmux, and terminal multiplexing in general?

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#3 2011-10-20 19:05:36

The Singularity
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Re: Some useful guides on tmux

It's not just the multiplexing, I'm a happy Terminator friend, but the screen-like detach option rocks! Well, so far at home at least... at work, where I often sit in front of a windows machine, putty-ssh'ing into a linux server, I'm really thrilled by the fact, that all I need is a single connection. Many windows in one window... what's more to like about multiplexing? :-D

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