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#1 2010-07-20 00:08:48

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Getting UNR Interface on Ubuntu

I put this here for information because I had a very hard time finding this information on Google.

To use the UNR interface, GUI, desktop.
Install the package

If you want everything from the Ubuntu netbook remix
install the package

Hope this helps someone looking for this information.
I post this here because this forum comes up on Google before most other resources.

The following statement is false.
The above statement is true.
Now solve for X


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#2 2010-07-20 05:34:30

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Re: Getting UNR Interface on Ubuntu

I thought this info was available at Canonical's UNR site?  I know it was about a year ago anyway.

In case this got buried in Google as well, if you just want the window titles pushed up into the Gnome panel, the package you want is called Maximus.

EDIT:  Sorry, Maximus is the program that auto-maximizes and undecorates the windows; window-picker-applet is the panel titlebar substitute.

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