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#1 2010-06-08 14:40:32

#! Die Hard
Registered: 2010-03-26
Posts: 548

man pages in color

The man pages are informative but boring, at least color-wise.  Here is how you can change that using the  package most which is in the repositories.

This is, I think, the easy way … color.html

and this is the way I was doing it beforehand, which goes into a bit more detail than cut-and-paste. … r+color+#5

Regardless these two sources reference Ubuntu they both work on my CrunchBang Statler 10.  big_smile


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#2 2010-06-08 17:02:07

The Mystery Member
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#3 2010-06-08 17:05:29

#! Die Hard
Registered: 2010-03-26
Posts: 548

Re: man pages in color

OK.  I didn't see that -- please feel free to delete this thread.  sad  wink


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