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#1 2010-02-03 10:36:37

From: Vancouver, B.C. Canada
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EverQuest / Wine / and !#Crunchbang 64bit

*** EDIT: I just stumbled across this fantastic post on getting eq and wine working, full step by step guide using acouple different methods with trouble shooting tips and so forth you can read it here :
I'm going to leave the original post here as it may still be useful to some, but I'd definetly suggest perusing the above link as I believe it's of great help.

Installing EverQuest / Wine in !#Crunchbang 64bit (untested on 32bit but I would assume it will work as well)

I'd first like to piont out that for the most part I'm pretty much a linux newbie. So any issues you may have following this I'll do my best to try and help resolve, but chances are if this doesn't work for you we/you may have to hope for some input from other's on the forum.

As well, I'm playing on EQ emulator, and do not have a current eq account so I am unable to test on the "live" servers.

I'd like to piont out that there is acouple of methods for installing everquest, you WILL NOT find this method (in it's entirety) on the Wine HQ site as they deem the compiling method used in this How To as somewhat of a hack and could possibly prevent other programs from working correctly. You may want to try the .dll method posted on the Wine HQ site BEFORE doing this method.

So .... consider yourself fore warned and proceed at your own risk.

I personally use this method as it's the only way I've EVER gotten EverQuest to work on linux, and other than a little lag while turning (with keyboard, mouse seems fine), everything is fully functional.

I'm posting this in the hopes it will help some poor soul out, that has spent as much time as I have trying to get EverQuest to work, but has been thus far unsuccessful.

It may be a good idea to have a look at the Wine HQ / EverQuest page before proceeding.

Wine HQ's page regarding EverQuest: … n&iId=2939

Download Wine Source here:

The version I downloaded - wine-1.1.37 (installed / tested / and working beatifully)
All references to wine will be to the version I've downloaded, change accordingly if required.

Don't have a valid EQ account and want to check out EQEmu look here:
(You will need EverQuest Titanium or Secrets of Faydwer to play on emu)

On with the install

Download wine source ( … 37.tar.bz2) to home folder.

Prepare for wine 32bit build on a 64bit system:
$ sudo apt-get install ia32-libs libc6-dev-i386 lib32z1
$ cd /usr/lib32
$ sudo ln -s
$ cd ~

Get packages for build dependencies:
$ sudo apt-get build-dep wine

Unpack & modify wine:
$ tar -xf wine-1.1.37.tar.bz2
$ cd wine-1.1.37

In the wine source directory, edit
with your favourite editor and in function
IDirect3DDevice9Impl_GetDeviceCaps (starts in line 351 in 1.1.37) add this line:
pCaps->MaxVertexBlendMatrices = 0x4;
before returning (return hrc;), line 381 (on 1.1.37)

Save your modified source file and run
$ ./configure

If configure doesn't complain about missing dependencies, you're gtg:
$ make dep && make

Then run:
$ sudo make install

When completed run
$ winecfg

to create your ~/.wine folder & setup wine
(wine complained about missing gecko when running winecfg - select yes to install)

now install your EverQuest and enjoy.

I'll add here, that I have my EverQuest saved on another hard drive so I just copy mine over to ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files

Being I'm running EverQuest on EQEmu I add eqgame.exe AND everquest.exe to wine

Unfortunatly I've yet to make any sort of link that will properly run the game and have to manually start it. (I've tried a few different methods, none work thus far)

So, to start EverQuest I first CD to the directory
$ cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Sony/Everquest

and the run
wine eqgame.exe patchme
(^^^ this line is used to run on EQEmu, not "Live")

I hope this helps someone, and I'd like to piont out that this is not my work but stuff I've picked up from googling and trial and error in some spots. I believe the majority of this was originally posted on Wine HQ by Julio Fernandez, but is no longer there, I would assume due to the fact that the people over at wine aren't fond of this method. (Thank you and Kudos Julio)

Again, I hope this saves someone a severe headache
and happy EverQuesting smile


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#2 2010-04-08 17:02:03

New Member
From: Timisoara
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Re: EverQuest / Wine / and !#Crunchbang 64bit

Hi Damon,

Your advice about how can be installed wine on 64 biti is very useful. Unfortunatly, I think this manner to install wine is available to Ubuntu or debian version.
You can added here some steps in which can be installed wine on 64 biti to CentOS or .rpm? because the steps which is described here is very easy to follwow.

Thank you for your advice and support.

Best regards.

Mess with the best die like the rest ... ANSYS is the best !!!


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