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#1 2009-12-03 10:18:36

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HowTo: Mobile/Cell Phone Broadband connecting using Bluetooth

After finally getting wifi connected@home thanks to pvsage and anonymous, i decided to have a go at another challenge... Plan B: (or emergency & mobile broadband access when away from home).

How can i use my mobile/cell phones 3G/gprs data plan when im on the road with the netbook for mobile broadband access?
And why use the USB cable when i have a perfectly good bluetooth connection setup between my phone and my netbook?

Ok, if i (a noob) can do it, so can you! lol
So i set out to hunt for answers on google and sure enough someone has already thought of it and posted the setup.

I now have a nice slick bluetooth broadband access on my Sony Ericsson K660i, but you must setup bluetooth first as Nik_Doof has posted under 'tips & tricks'.

I even added the connect and disconnect commands to the openbox config menu so i dont have to type 'pon Bluetooth Dialup' in terminator.

It's not as fast as my home wifi network, but at; (0.66Mb/s download. 0.27Mb/s upload).. its better then nothing and i dont have to buy a dongle or broadband plan. I turned off 'automatically connect to wifi' so i can choose connections between home and the road.

Yippee! tongue

There are a couple of errors on this page but they are obvious. Go with your gut instinct; … -bluetooth


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