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#1 2009-11-02 15:28:03

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[Solved] "Aero Snap" in Openbox?

Well Microsoft finally managed to add something to their OS that i'm really interested in.

Aero Snap (i think most of you guys already read about it) resizes windows automatically when you drag them on certain "snap points".

I think this feature is kinda cool, despite the fact that "pcmanfm" has the feature of tabbed browsing, i think it would be pretty convenient to have 2 windows arranged automatically and especially for "dual-window-working".

I know there is a feature similar to this in Compiz, but how about Openbox? Are there any gimmicky little programmes for that, or is it already implemented?

Joe Doe

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#2 2009-11-02 15:36:38

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Re: [Solved] "Aero Snap" in Openbox?

To clairfy, it does this:
Drag to the top : maximize
Drag to left or right size: Takes up that half of the screen
Drag to bottom: Expands a window to the height of the monitor (e.g. its maximized vertically, but not touched horizontally)

Though some features go along with it, such as aero shake which, if you grab a window by its title bar, and move it around quickly, it minimizes all other windows.
Which reminds me of another feature i miss, which is when a window is maximized i can grab the title bar and pull it down and it will un-maximize itself and go to the size it was before it was maximized.

My experiences have been  weird really, using Win7 on my desktop, and #! on my laptop, i miss things from both when i switch from one to the other. The shortcut keys from #! in particular screw me up all the time in Win7.

just call me...


#3 2009-11-02 16:21:58

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Re: [Solved] "Aero Snap" in Openbox?

i would have thought some of those features would be pretty easy to implement, the problem is that in linux, if you drag something to the edge of the screen it carries it to the next desktop, i suppose multiple desktops negate the need for this, plus the availability of tiling window managers.
actually theres this that might do what you want … oEdgeNorth

google has also led me to this, which is a tiling addon for openbox, which do do what you want … in/t/tile/
this seems to have a fix for conky

then of course for you terminal needs, terminator can do that kind of thing anyway smile

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#4 2009-11-02 16:39:34

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Re: [Solved] "Aero Snap" in Openbox?

The CrunchBang forum (hey, that's right here!) has a thread on an auto-tiling widget that works with Openbox...I think a search for "tiling" will bring it up.

EDIT: ...nevermind, the unixdev link above has the utility they were discussing in that thread...

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