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#1 2009-09-16 11:40:42

#! Die Hard
From: Lost River Lake
Registered: 2009-02-19
Posts: 529

How to concatenate (merge) PDF files

I wanted to share this very easy, quick and efficient way to concatenate several PDF files into a single file – this is a recapitulation of racin's post found at Matthew Skala's home page:

sudo apt-get install pdftk
cd <folder containing your pdf's>
pdftk *.pdf cat output all.pdf 

That's all folks!

The actual process took ca. 1 second. Make sure you have named your files so that they are merged in the right order, e.g. 01_file-for-page-1.pdf, 02_file-for-page-2.pdf, etc.

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#2 2009-09-16 11:54:04

#! wanderer
From: ~/
Registered: 2008-11-25
Posts: 5,131

Re: How to concatenate (merge) PDF files

Nice howto. Thanks smile Highlights the simplicity and power of linux.


#3 2014-02-04 22:27:06

#! Die Hard
From: Ottawa, Canada
Registered: 2012-11-15
Posts: 621

Re: How to concatenate (merge) PDF files

Excellent! Exactly what I was looking for!! I second OMNS.

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#4 2014-02-04 22:36:22

Internal Affairs
From: North Carolina
Registered: 2009-10-18
Posts: 13,858

Re: How to concatenate (merge) PDF files

While this was a four-years-dormant thread, I'll allow this necro-bump, as the utility mentioned is still relevant.

If anyone needs a GUI that performs similar functions, I can recommend pdfshuffler.  pdftk is more efficient at the command line if you simply need to cat several PDFs into one, but I prefer pdfshuffler if I need to, for example, take bits and pieces of a couple PDFs and reorganize them into one document.  (EDIT:  One particular example is merging a schematic generated by gschem with a circuit board layout and BoM generated by pcb, plus a write-up about the circuit composed in a text editor or word processor.)

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#5 2014-02-04 22:49:31

#! Die Hard
Registered: 2013-10-22
Posts: 548

Re: How to concatenate (merge) PDF files

Thanks for sharing/bumping.


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