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#1 2014-01-18 17:46:06

#! CrunchBangian
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HBO nordic / Widevine plugin [solved]

Hi there

What would be the best way to get the Widevine DRM plugin to work with Crunchbang? I need it to watch (so me and my girlfriend doesn't have to watch Game of Thrones on her mac that can't output sound to hdmi).

Possible options:
- Here it is hinted at that pipelight (which I hear is the best way to get Netflix working on linux) might make it possible to install the windows version of flash that is required by Widevine. Anyone knows about the prospect of that?

- I could install Wine and a Windows version of firefox and run it from there but Wine have given me nothing but headaches in the past and so far it haven't actually solved anything for me.

Does anyone have experience with the above or ideas about getting Widevine to work in other ways?



Pipelight alone does the trick! That plugin is freaking brilliant but it's abilities should be better advertised. The guys who made it doesn't even mention widevine on their website but:

pipelight-plugin --list-enabled

lists supported plugins.

To use widevine:

- install pipelight as described here
- run this command:

pipelight-plugin --enable widevine

and accept the license.
- with your preferred browser go to the site that uses widevine
- let the automatic installer do its job


For there's no need to switch user agents to trick the site into thinking your using an officially supported os but that might be necessary on other sites ...

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