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#1 2012-10-26 18:49:30

childe joseph
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Hello Crunchbang, A long Winded Introduction

Hi Everyone! I'm on my 6th day of using #!Crunchbang. I tried Stetler first, re-installed with Waldorf instead, I felt very squeezed with "squeeze" if you know what I mean. For the most part I'm impressed with #!. The default openbox set-up is a near perfect configuration. I don't mind by hand configurations, that being said I was still surprised by the fact that the ob-menu does not auto-update. For the simple fact that on a fresh install I didn't really want to add by hand the 20-25 core applications that I use in my everyday. Not to mention the various apps I come across and decide to just try for awhile. God forbid I forget to add the menu entry, I'd be likely to forget I had installed some of those less used apps. The menu auto-update seemed to key for me. I was ready to scratch #!, it don't take me long to make that decision. I have a tendacy for distro hopping. Rather then scratch my #!, I decided to evolve it a little bit. I'm not locked to the openbox set-up by a P4 system. I've got a decent enough system, Dual Core, 4GB Ram, Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT card. I seen more then a few #!'ers have Xfce installed. Understandable considering some Xfce componants in the default OB set-up. I like to set myself apart tho. So I tried to add the LMDE repo, and install Cinnamon! I had been using it as my main DE in my various Ubuntu set-ups since it's inception, and haven't heard of many #!'ers using it. Long story short, using the LMDE repo and installing Cinnamon was not ideal. I couldn't control the session, there was no session entry in /bin so I manually added "cinnamon" entry to Slim config and was able to login luckily, but I still had no session control, so I couldn't logout for starters and a few other things right off, and with the LMDE repo in the mix, fun as it the prospect might seem I didn't want to wake one morning to find my #! had morphed into Linux Mint Debian Edition, so I scratched that. Movin right along I tried Mate, but that was pretty ugly and raw from it's own repo, and to get it to look pretty I would need Compiz, and even then I would have to go through the trouble of making it play nice. I wasn't favoring Caja over Thunar, it was too much. I might has well set to hand configuring that ob-menu! Never was KDE fan, so no. Then I found some .debs for Cinnamon installation for Wheezy on Sourceforge so I gave that another go, this time installing Gnome-Shell in addition to Cinnamon hoping to bring session control to Cinnamon. This is where things really take a turn. After running "sudo update-alternatives --config x-session-manager" Cinnamon still wasn't on the list, and I seen Gnome-Shell had relieved the openbox-session of it's default duties in typical Gnome fashion.... What the hell? For shits and giggles I logged in, and what I saw immediatly rung a bell in my head.I RE-uninstalled Cinnamon. The default Gnome Shell in appearence actually complimented the default #! OB appearence, and once I started moving around a little, I immediatly knew it served as the perfect anti-thesis to the OB setup, it was big, it was clunky, it was Gnome-Shell, and it looked at home. This had to be a first! Gnome-Shell had been just what I was lookin for. I admittingly have little to no experience with Gnome-Shell. After coming to Linux myself under the now famed Gnome 2.6, when Gnome3 debuted, I was about ready to start spreading my Linux wings anyway.I used it for about 5 minutes when I played with opensuse12 awhile back, I guess I got caught up in the stigma that the Gnome Project has garnished, and some possibly unmerited criticisms by the Linux community at large. Gnome-Shell does have it's warrented critisms in the fact that it's dumbed down so much, it is by design extremely simple and easy. All my applications,  are in the Overview, there's the quick search function, or the Catogory breakdown, not that you need scroll far for anyone thing in the launcher overview itself, it's all right there. The Dynamic Workstations is a killer function few people give credit to. The quick launch bar is confined within the overview, keeping the desktop clean as a whistle....Well mine anyway do to the fact that there are a few considerably minor things that still need to be tweaked out a bit, including the display of mounted volumes on the desktop. Gnome-Shell itself doesn't depend on Nautius being installed, and works well enough with Thunar, other then the fact that it's more then likely the reason for lack of mounted volumes being displayed on the desktop. That being said I've not yet decided to completley lay in the Gnome DE, and not sure if I will granted I can iron out out some other minor wrinkles, screensaver and power management, are a couple auto-start has a few hiccups so far.The preconfigured #! Shortcut-Keys don't work in Gnome-Shell. On that note, I'd like to see if I can have an alternate conky set up for when I'm using Gnome-Shell. I like that as go through and make changes to the Gnome-Shell to suit by adding extensions and setting a few things in place, it has little to no effect with the OB set-up.If I have to say whats already been said, Linux comes to mind, and he is dead on his assessment of the Extension system and how its handled by Gnome. There's more then a few good extensions to completly change Gnome-Shell and some core functions, the huge drawback is in that the Gnome Project does not maintain any of them extensions other then the core set. In other words your likely to find after a given update your extensions no longer work and are broken. Needless to say this #! set-up is really blowing my mind. With the Openbox/GnomeShell on my #!Crunchbang setup, I can use Openbox for more Memory and Processor intensive things, running Virtualbox immediatly came to mind so I installed that.It took 30-45 minutes under Ubuntu 12.04 running Cinnamon just setting up virtualbox, to use, the same task took 6 minutes under #!Crunchbang running Openbox. 6 Minutes!!! What a difference!!! I could use things like Truecrypt and KeepassX under OB, distubution testing, system testing, network testing.I can do transcoding of various audio and video formats faster under Openbox With #!Crunchbang I can work and play. Did I mention I can distro hop to my hearts delite in Virtualbox, simply do to the fact that I can dedicate 3 of my 4GB of memory to the virtual machine while #! sits idle using an astonishing 130-140MB of memory. On the Gnome side I can not worry about what small applications I wanted to check out, and might have since forgotten about because I failed to manually update my ob-menu to reflect a newly installed app. I can without confusion do my facebooking, and watch Youtube, listen to a podcast or reddit. And I can get around to hand editing that ob-menu for key programs I run under Openbox and eventually if I so choose, my staple application set altogether.


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#2 2012-10-26 19:01:00

#! Ranger
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Re: Hello Crunchbang, A long Winded Introduction


Welcome to CrunchBang and the Community childe joseph, we are glad to have you!


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#3 2012-10-26 21:01:53

#! Die Hard
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Re: Hello Crunchbang, A long Winded Introduction

Welcome to the site, childe!  I very much hope you find a combination that suits your fancy.

P.S. Paragraphs rock!


#4 2012-10-27 06:21:13

#! Die Hard
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Re: Hello Crunchbang, A long Winded Introduction

Welcome to #!



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