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#1 2012-09-28 01:12:18

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Okay, I've been using Crunchbang for what, 4 months now? And it's the best of the ones that I've tried, mainly for a couple things.
1) It's stable, even the unstable. When I say that, I mean I can open up chromium, or firefox/iceweasel, play a flash video, and there's no problem. How come Ubuntu hasn't figured it out? I don't know. I always got delayed audio and a choppy video, which meant that I could watch without using google-chrome-unstable. Considering they install programs right from their Software Center, it's amazing how many times it's crashed in one way or another.
2) It's fast, which could be partly due to the drivers that are included (thankyou thankyou thankyou!) Ubuntu didn't like my USB Wifi adapter. It would kill it if I tried to do something like, load a youtube video. *loads 3 secs* *usb wifi light goes off* *reboot* Because unplugging it or reloading it didn't work. D:
3) It's minimalistic and simple. Einstein said, "Everything should be as simple as possible, not simpler." because when you make something too simple (*cough cough* Ubuntu *cough cough*) it only makes things more complicated. I tried to change a file in Ubuntu, but I had to go to the terminal to do it because it 'needed to be root' which you included right in the right click. Awesome!

My only gripes are actually quite minor really, and to change anything I'd assume would be pretty difficult. It has to do with having so many different folders for one program/application. (or 'app' as they like to call it nowadays) I figured it'd be neat if I could download a source or deb package, drag and drop to an 'install folder' or location, and the OS would automatically set it up/download stuff. The menu could ask to automatically make links for those too, asking what category to put it in.

I just get lazy when I see a source package. I've never had much luck installing anything from source. I'd run sudo apt-get install *insert-program-please-find-this-package* and hope for the best. Although, there's not much I've really tried to install from source other than using the built in menu commands (thank you for having a heart for noobs). I did learn a lot trying stuff though.

Suggestion: vlmc, or an install-vlmc script (is it even possible?)
Reason 1: It's nice to not need to go over to windows movie maker on the other side.
Reason 2: Well, there's no video editor that I could find other than the really confusing professional ones.
Reason 3: I couldn't figure out how to install it. *laughs*

Suggestion: (I'm not sure if this actually has it) To be able to restore the OS to right after the cb-welcome script and/or before, while saving files in the home folder, and the downloaded ones from cb-welcome (Do I even know what I'm talking about? Bah.)
The only reason is because I get too lazy to reinstall it from scratch. It's more of a me issue than anything else.

Suggestion: A Gnome Mplayer Alternative. Nothing really against it, but for me, vlc tends to be faster. Just in the menu, an install-vlc

Final Suggestion: A minor cpu priority handler, or whatever you call it, so slow computers don't get hung up so much. As in, prioritize the foreground/infocus items (my computer is slow, and only has one core if I remember right, so I can't really tell if there is one or not. I'm assuming there is though. I just like to be sure.)


The last thing I can say actually isn't your fault, it's companies like Avid. Basically, I need a dual-boot so I can run a particular audio program. No biggy.

Anyways, most of these suggestions are pretty unnecessary, because the last thing any OS really needs is more bloatware.
So yeah, thanks for the great job on it! big_smile

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#2 2012-10-09 18:12:01

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Re: Bravo!

Hi!! Crunchbang (as I understand) is based on Debian and you can actually download .deb files, click on them and just install them! As a matter of fact that's how I got Google Chrome on my #!

Don't take that as a master word as I'm quite new in CrunchBang (I got it last Saturday!) but you should try it! If it opens the archive manager just try by right-clicking on it and using the GDebi Package Manager!

Have a good one!



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