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#1 2012-07-02 12:17:18

#! Junkie
Registered: 2011-09-06
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Thank Heavens for #!

So, yesterday we had some computer problems in my household.
For the last few years, the computer setup in my household has been:
Father's work laptop (HP elitebook with Win7)
My laptop (Dell Latitude D400 with #! and Arch)
My brother's laptop (something with Win7 and #!)
Family desktop (Packard Bell with WinXP)

Around Easter, my brother's laptop's powersupply went kaput. This wasn't a problem as he could use the desktop perfectly well for any critical tasks, and my father and I both have our own laptops, so we could still continue with our lives unaffected. A few days ago, my brother decided that the desktop was even more agonisingly slow than expected, ran a virus scan, and found all sorts of rubbish. Yesterday, we discovered that my mother's email account had been comprimised. It is decided that it would be safer to reinstall XP than risk missing a virus...

So, my brother digs out the XP install disk, fires up our machine, and... nothing. The boot order is already set to CD before HDD, so that's not the problem. I dig out a Mint live CD. No dice. #!. No dice. Ubuntu (I'm getting a little desperate now). Still nothing.

Then I think to check whether the computer will boot from USB. Bingo! BIOS says it will. I quickly refresh my memory on making bootable USBs, and I still have a Statler iso on my laptop's harddrive (as a bonus, one is the xfce version, which I think slightly more new-user friendly). A few minutes later, dd has completed. Go down to the desktop, plug the USB in, boot. The debian-based text install is something I can do in my sleep by now. Ten minutes later, I have a perfectly usable #! system. Some judicious use of adduser and a little tweaking of my parents' user areas to make it a little more familiar (no conky, xfce-menu on the toolbar, a slightly more colourful wallpaper), and it is ready to show off.

My parents' comments?
Father: "Wow, it's actually fast."
Mother: "Will I be able to read my emails on it?"

I'd call that a success, overall...


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#2 2012-07-02 12:41:48

The Good Doctor
From: Planet of the @s
Registered: 2011-06-24
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Re: Thank Heavens for #!

Thank you for taking the time to post this.
Thats what I would call it too. smile


#3 2012-07-02 14:57:25

#! CrunchBanger
From: #! Rodeo bucking chute
Registered: 2012-03-25
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Re: Thank Heavens for #!

Great work, Joek. smile

Care to post a screenshot of your family-user-friendly xfce desktop in the screenshots thread?

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#4 2012-07-02 15:49:16

#! Junkie
Registered: 2011-09-06
Posts: 497

Re: Thank Heavens for #!

@xaos - thanks for taking the time to read it. The Wall-of-Text(tm) is strong in me today tongue

@elvaqueroloco - next time I am on there I shall take a scrot for people's edification and amusement.

Of course, the other advantage of using a Debian-based system (in addition to me being more comfortable administrating it and it being rather faster than windows) is that when I go off to university in October, I can help my brother administer it from the other side of the country, if he is having problems. With Windows it simply wouldn't be possible, as the excessive reliance on the GUI makes describing things significantly more intensive vs. giving terminal commands to run...


#5 2012-07-02 15:54:45

Registered: 2011-03-09
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Re: Thank Heavens for #!

congrats on a job well done joek!


#6 2012-07-02 21:46:24

#! by Default
From: /grill
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Re: Thank Heavens for #!

Thanks for sharing joek, I always like to read a good story. Specially were my super hero #! conquers and reigns supreme.

Time to move on!#

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#7 2012-07-02 23:03:47

#! wanderer
From: ~/
Registered: 2008-11-25
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Re: Thank Heavens for #!

Thank heavens indeed. Nice work smile


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