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#1 2012-05-20 12:18:50

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env and system scripts

I noticed cb-fortune is a Python script with /usr/bin/env on the shebang line (er, crunchbang line :). While env is a wonderful thing for user scripts, it's usually a mistake for system scripts. If someone installs another python higher in their path (such as a newer version in /usr/local/bin), the script breaks.

The problem is particularly acute for Python scripts, since Python 3 is not backwards compatible with Python 2, so a Python 2 script trolling around for any old python interpreter with env might find a compiler that doesn't even understand it. But in principle it's the same issue for all scripts.

I've changed the shebang line in cb-fortune on my systems

$ head -1 /usr/bin/cb-fortune

but all of these other scripts in /usr/bin are either broken already or bugs waiting to happen

$ grep '^#!/usr/bin/env ' /usr/bin/*
/usr/bin/catfish:#!/usr/bin/env bash
/usr/bin/cb-aerosnap:#!/usr/bin/env python
/usr/bin/cb-exit:#!/usr/bin/env python
/usr/bin/cb-hotcorners:#!/usr/bin/env python
/usr/bin/cb-sshconfig-pipemenu:#!/usr/bin/env python
/usr/bin/gdbus-codegen:#!/usr/bin/env python
/usr/bin/gsettings-schema-convert:#!/usr/bin/env python
/usr/bin/gtk-builder-convert:#!/usr/bin/env python
/usr/bin/pcf2vpnc:#!/usr/bin/env perl
/usr/bin/!/usr/bin/env python
grep: /usr/bin/X11: Is a directory
/usr/bin/xkeystone:#!/usr/bin/env nickle

I've run into this problem several times before … bug/892748

The meta-issue, I guess, is that debian packaging doesn't complain more when you try to add such a script without rewriting the shebang line. If you're checking that something exists and meets all of your dependencies, then that's the thing you should be writing on the shebang line.

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