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#1 2011-09-07 00:47:49

#! Junkie
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Script to disable cairo-compmgr.

I usually, but not always, run cairo-compmgr. I also have several programs that have "issues" with Cairo-compmgr. So I made a crappy script that checks if cairo-compmgr is running. If not it runs your program straight-away. If it is running it will disable it, run your program, and then restart it afterwards.

I saved it in my ~/bin directory as no-comp

# a little script to disable cairo compositing, if it is running, when executing a
# program.

if [ -z "$(pgrep cairo-compmgr)" ]
        killall cairo-compmgr
        cairo-compmgr -n &

Once it is in place and has been made executable you are good to go. To run your favourite game without compositing just do this

no-comp warzone2100


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