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#1 2010-10-22 22:53:44

#! Junkie
From: USA
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CrunchBang Forums Chrome "App"

With Chrome now at version 7, they introduced Apps into the stable release. They have been available in Chromium for some time as part of the dev channel.

I created a Hosted web App (which in this case is nothing more than a link) for the recent topics here at the forums. It can be downloaded  from Here if anyone is interested.
To install:
1. Extract archive
2.  a. Right click the file cb_app.crx and open with google-chrome
     b. Drag and drop the file onto Chrome

After installed, it should show up under Apps when you open a new tab.


Used this as a guide to create this: … guide.html

...old school #! user now mostly running Arch


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