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#1 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Can you say you encourage an artist when you buy tracks of a dead one? » Yesterday 20:59:24

Indie or "major" label?

I'm really soured on commercial music lately.  Seems the people managing Elvis Presley's legacy stole a domain name from the owner of my guitar amp forum because they think people will see the name "Graceland" and automatically think of the mansion in Memphis.  (The domain in question was a multi-denominational Christian website with full bible texts in several languages...was named after the same logic as Graceland University.)  Apparently Elvis Presley Enterprises thinks the site was set up some 20 years ago as a "squatter" domain and claimed it was never put to any "legitimate use" because it was never used for a commercial money-making purpose. roll

I say "Let the dead rest."

#2 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Subject related thread names are so mainstream (Completely Off Topic) » Yesterday 18:45:42

CSCoder4ever wrote:

Let's just say that he works at a place that helped make ponies successful. or more specifically the Hub.

Ooh, so if one of us wanted, for example, Tabitha St. Germain's, Blu Mankuma's, or Nicole Oliver's autograph, your dad could hook us up? monkey

#3 Re: Feedback & Suggestions » How we moderate your forum - feedback encouraged » Yesterday 18:34:58

^ Check the banner at the top of every page at the Wiki.

#4 Re: Help & Support (Stable) » How to Recover Files in VMware Virtual Machine » Yesterday 07:22:44

@martinluthor:  That looks like it might be handy...for a Wondows user.  However, this is a Linux forum.  Is there a version available for Linux?

By the way, that's a very interesting username for someone posting from Faridabad.

#5 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Do the Hokey Pokey (moved from Distro-hoppers Anonymous) » Yesterday 06:57:17

@el-insignificante:  The whole point of Arch is to have the user "take care of the basic stuff" when installing so that the system is perfectly suited to the user's hardware and needs.  Distros like Debian, Ubuntu, and CrunchBang are designed to be "one size fits most" out of the box; Arch is not.  I think of Debian and Debian-based distros as prêt-à-porter, while Arch is more haute couture.

#6 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » Share your actual desk(top)! » 2014-04-16 18:37:44

lol  Let's just hope codingman doesn't drink Haterade before posting a response to that. wink

#7 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Subject related thread names are so mainstream (Completely Off Topic) » 2014-04-16 07:30:32

I missed it too (boring clouds and rain here too) and I was really looking forward to seeing it.

#9 Re: Help & Support (Testing/Unstable) » [SOLVED] Can you explain Local to me? » 2014-04-14 03:23:01


I don't use Synaptic, but is it possible these are .deb files it's already downloaded and cached locally?  If you exit Synaptic, run `sudo apt-get clean` in a terminal, then open Synaptic again, do those "local" entries still show up?  If they do, I have no idea. hmm

#11 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Subject related thread names are so mainstream (Completely Off Topic) » 2014-04-14 00:21:15

^ Wow.

I hope their potential customers have been voting with their feet and walking away.  Only reason labor ever becomes organized is to protect itself from unfair employer practices.

#12 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » AntiX Experience? » 2014-04-13 21:23:28

@porkpiehat:  I find his sig troubling as well, but it's a direct quote of the character in his avatar (Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons).  His isn't the only sig I've been having concerns about lately.

I think all parties involved in this discussion could use a cooling-off period, so I'll temporarily close this thread.  Expect some posts to be split off to a separate thread, which may or may not remain closed.

#13 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » You may or may not have seen this already. » 2014-04-13 21:15:50

I think I watched that clip for about 1:30 before I started to notice the same actors appearing over and over again.  (If they weren't the same actors, the resemblance was uncanny.)  Kinda funny though.

#14 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » AntiX Experience? » 2014-04-13 02:36:24

@Chooch:  We at the CrunchBang Forums try to be as neutral as the Swiss.  All political and religious ideologies are to be respected and tolerated here, regardless of whether we personally find them offensive or ludicrous.

I like to think that even Giorgio Tsoukalos would be welcome here, despite the views he expresses on the History Channel.

#15 Re: Help & Support (Stable) » Why does #! base on Debian instead Ubuntu? » 2014-04-13 00:27:03

Philip has mentioned the reasons in the past, but memory fades.  Part of it was related to changes in the way Ubuntu viewed, treated, and supported community-developed distrolets.

I think the best reasons are that Debian is further upstream than Ubuntu and tends to be far more stable.

#16 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » 50 Places Linux is Running That You Might Not Expect » 2014-04-12 14:18:14

^ Actually, many of the older brick-and-mortar businesses, especially the publicly-traded ones, are still shackled to Microsoft contracts.  This extends to the OS on their in-store-use dumbphones that they use to pull online orders and manage inventory.  Until the "box stores" go under, Microsoft will still pwn the working poor.

#17 Re: Help & Support (Stable) » heartbleed - check your version of OpenSSL - may need update » 2014-04-09 20:57:39

xero wrote:

you need to make sure the "Pin-Priority" for security is the highest in your list.

Not really, unless you have a newer vulnerable custom binary of OpenSSL from another repo.  Since there is no such binary in Waldorf, APT should grab the patched version from Security automatically for most Waldorf users.

You should see exciting blue screens telling you that a couple services need to be restarted to apply the fix in your running session.

#18 Re: CrunchBang Talk » chatter from Conky Archive thread » 2014-04-09 20:42:38

Per a request from mrpeachy via PM, I have split these posts off from the Conky Archive thread.

#19 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » The evolution of Technology in 2 decades » 2014-04-09 16:03:15

I think the move from wristwatch to dumbphone is a step backwards; if you need to use an opposable thumb to check the time, you are doing it wrong.  Also, a wristwatch doesn't need to be plugged in daily to keep the battery charged. tongue

Laptop to phone is another step backwards - losing the keyboard is not a sacrifice I am willing to make.  Ever.

#20 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Subject related thread names are so mainstream (Completely Off Topic) » 2014-04-09 06:32:29

^ That's the first time I've seen the infamous Pokemon scene without the "fixed" graphics; now I see what all the fuss was about.  Yes, all that flashing blue & red *will* trigger seizures in people with epilepsy.  If you're susceptible, please do not watch the video linked to in the above post.

#21 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Batch rename files with different endings...? » 2014-04-08 17:08:19

Does Sector11's script work the way you want without the extensions in the for statement?


for oldf in *; do
    let n+=1
    if [[ $name != '*' ]]; then
        printf -v newf "%04u.$ext" $n
        echo "$oldf" "$newf"
    #        mv "$oldf" "$newf"

I just tested it; seems to do the job.

EDIT:  I see you found a simpler solution while I was testing this.  Good.

#23 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Batch rename files with different endings...? » 2014-04-08 16:24:07

omnihil wrote:

At first thanks for the quick scripts.

pvsage wrote:

^ I think he wants to rename all files with all extensions, keeping them in alphabetical order, but replacing the filename with the number.

- Exactly, and possibly all-in-one.

I get this with your script:

0001.*  0002.*  0003.*  0004.*  0005.*  0006.*  0007.*  0008.*  0009.*  0010.*

Oh my, that won't do at all.  I'm surprised the script was even able to rename the files to include a wildcard character.

Looks like porkpiehat has a workable solution?

#24 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Batch rename files with different endings...? » 2014-04-08 15:38:37

^ I think he wants to rename all files with all extensions, keeping them in alphabetical order, but replacing the filename with the number.

What about this?


for i in *.{avi,jpg,txt}; do #include all filename extensions you want to work with
  new=$(printf "%04d.*" ${a}) #04 pad to length of 4
  mv ${i} ${new}
  let a=a+1


EDIT:  I'm sure the printf line doesn't work in my version; I hope someone else here can show us how to make it work with the multiple extensions.

#25 Re: Tips, Tricks & Scripts » The New Monster Conky Thread » 2014-04-08 09:42:03

mogrify is part of imagemagick; as far as I know it is part of a base Waldorf install.

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