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#1 Re: Development » bunsen-welcome » Today 14:06:51

This works:

CLR=$(tput clear)
# then use this instead of 'clear'
echo $CLR

No weird characters, but sometimes there's more empty space when you scroll back to the previous page.

#2 Re: Development » bunsen-welcome » Today 08:53:48

pvsage wrote:

The page feeds are throwing some garbage characters.


This happens in a terminal (tested with roxterm and xfce4-terminal) any time you enter 'clear'. yikes Not on Wheezy though. Some bug?

I think all options in the script after the update/upgrade should default to no; this makes it easier to avoid installing something you don't want.

Done. (In the github version)

#3 Re: Development » bunsen-welcome » 2015-04-24 02:20:03

Thanks @pvsage

pvsage wrote:

@John:  The script encountered a problem on my system; seems

Retrieving bug reports... Done
Parsing Found/Fixed information... Done

(basic feedback from apt-listbugs) threw it off.  Didn't make anything go "bork", it just threw a yellow flag on the play.

Ah I didn't have apt-listbugs on my test system. Maybe it's sending output to standard error, even if there are no bugs? Of course if it's reporting bugs then we want the script to say that there might be issues, and offer the option of exiting.

The page feeds are throwing some garbage characters.


(There's also one of those boxes with four tiny illegible numbers in it, but that didn't get copied.)  Nobody would notice them without scrolling back, and they don't affect the script's usability, but they're there.

I noticed them too. They seem to be coming from Apt, but I'll have to try and pin down exactly when they come up. Did you get them even if there were no errors?

EDIT:  Also, I think all options in the script after the update/upgrade should default to no; this makes it easier to avoid installing something you don't want.

Good idea, and easily done. smile

#4 Re: Development » [SOLVED]Battery icon in tint2 » 2015-04-24 02:12:25

^good news. There had been hints that might be in the pipeline.
Little chance of it reaching Jessie though, I guess, unless maybe some day in the backports.

#5 Re: Development » bunsen-welcome » 2015-04-23 09:41:58

Here's a very rough draught: … ome.tar.gz
Unpack it, open a terminal in the top directory and run ./bl-welcome.
Don't run this on a working Wheezy system or the multimedia repos (for Jessie) will wreak havoc.

Most of the install options won't work because you don't have the bunsen metapackages but I've put in an "install viewnior" page so you can test out the install function.

The logic and error checking is still a bit gnarly and there's plenty of scope for improvement all round, so lots of suggestions/criticisms please!

#6 Re: Development » bunsen-welcome » 2015-04-23 06:00:48

Progress report
*) The code in the existing cb-welcome was solid so no restructuring had to be done. (Added a couple of functions.)
*) The Stern Warning bit is done - if the user just quits the script at that point it will come up next time too. Once 'I understand' has been typed it won't show again.
*) Gimp and Dropbox installs left to the pipemenus.
*) "Add Multimedia Repos" page added.
*) Apt-get update/upgrade error checking pinned down, as brought up here. Actually, since that message goes into STDERR, I think it might only be necessary to check for the presence of standard error, whatever it may contain.
*) The apt-get -y option is also gone - this means some user input, but no harm in that.

...however, that apt-get stuff is critical, partly because the stage after 'apt-get update' is 'apt-get dist-upgrade'  That means that packages might get removed, for example if a certain repo's index fails to download with the update. yikes

*) What I don't see is exactly why it's necessary to do a dist-upgrade at the start of bl-welcome. Surely the safer 'upgrade' would be enough? That would make things a bit less nerve-wracking.
*) While I can appreciate what pvsage was saying here, the 'clear' between pages does give a more polished look to the script. If it's replaced with a 3-line break it's not as pretty. I'm wondering if, with more castiron error checking on apt-get and all other system commands, it might be OK to jump to the next page IF AND ONLY IF everything went fine? If there's any doubt we can do an immediate error-message-exit, or if following stuff doesn't depend on what just broke, show the user the error messages and ask if they want to continue to the next page or bail out?

How does that sound?

#7 Re: Help & Support (Beginners) » [Solved] How is BunsenLabs developed? will it be based on jessie? » 2015-04-22 01:02:16

^No problem! Actually you gave me a good opportunity to clear it up a bit.

#8 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » Bring back the old #! login sound. » 2015-04-21 06:07:17

damo wrote:

It's very popular with me, but I haven't dared making a pull request to BunsenLabs github to include it!

If you want the lovely old Crunchbang startup login sound, get it from my dropbox: old-login-crunchbang.wav

I like sounds too, but I can see cpoakes' point about laptops in quiet places.

( I'm fond of sending the output of scripts to espeak so you can keep track of what's going on without having your eyes on a terminal. )

Maybe we need to gather together scraps like this and make them available in bunsen-doodahs or something?

#9 Re: News & Announcements » A community continuation: BunsenLabs » 2015-04-20 07:55:23

pvsage wrote:

^ I just installed the gtk3 version of roxterm and like everything I see except the tabs

Just installed it and agree. Pity the tabs are so big, but otherwise it looks nice, and seems to have all the needed features.

Strong candidate for initial install?

#10 Re: Help & Support (Beginners) » [Solved] How is BunsenLabs developed? will it be based on jessie? » 2015-04-20 06:25:16

KrunchTime wrote:

Wally uses some of the alpha, pre-release, whatever you want to call it stuff from BunsenLabs

Actually, this is a misunderstanding that many people seem to have. Wally uses none of the stuff that is being developed on the BunsenLabs GitHub site. It is based on the CrunchBang .deb files, some of them edited slightly so they will work on Jessie (and hosted on my personal Dropbox account), along with the "greybird" theme, or an option of an old version of the Bunsen1 theme by hhh. The end result looks and feels a lot like what BunsenLabs will be, but under the hood it's pretty different, and the "welcome" script doesn't work properly. I would put some time into fixing that, but...

...there is a new installer coming along that builds off the github content to give a "snapshot" of where the BunsenLabs stuff is. It won't build a good working system, just something for testing and bugsquashing, but it will be a taste of the Real Thing™. Just don't use it as a main system.

#12 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Where are environment variables set? » 2015-04-20 05:55:25

.profile is read by any shell, not only bash.

dash is Debian's default shell for the system but bash is default for users.

#!/bin/sh evokes the system default shell (dash for Debian)

Most of the entries in slim.conf are unchanged from the package defaults, not CrunchBang customizations. For example in this section:

# NOTE: if your system does not have bash you need
# to adjust the command according to your preferred shell,
# i.e. for freebsd use:
# login_cmd           exec /bin/sh - ~/.xinitrc %session
login_cmd           exec /bin/bash -login /etc/X11/Xsession %session

the commented-out line is an example for freebsd.
This is the main #! modification:

sessionstart_cmd	/usr/share/crunchbang/cb-user-setup %user

As twoion says, setting of environment variables is messy and can be done from many files - all the variables will be inherited. ~/.config/openbox/environment is a good choice for variables that you want to apply only for openbox sessions.

#13 Re: Development » BunsenLabs Development Team and current status » 2015-04-20 05:19:51

That's very good news @pvsage and a great relief.

A very very big THANK YOU to Philip, and Becky too, without whose support I'm sure all this wouldn't be continuing.


#14 Re: Development » menu.xml correction » 2015-04-20 05:06:29

" is the correct escaping for xml, so I guess obmenu is using a different xml parsing library from what openbox uses.

I'm still puzzled at the same program's different behaviour on Wheezy vs Jessie though. Maybe that "xml parsing library" (whatever it is) has changed?

#15 Re: Development » Sort of poor man's debian alternatives... » 2015-04-16 10:11:50

The main reason I wanted to set up these six abstractions was so that the menu entries, pipemenus and keybindings would work even after users had changed their app for those functions. One adjustment (for the "alternative") instead of several, after searching around the file system.

Neither an audio player nor a video-only player would substitute for VLC. Actually I don't think there's such a thing as a video player that doesn't also play sound - both VLC and mplayer declare themselves to be video players, but they do a good job with sound too. So the multimedia player is really a video player in that sense.

If people want to add a dedicated music player with a nicer interface and perhaps a library function they're of course welcome to, but I think this alternatives stuff has to stop somewhere. Since the default menu has no "music player" entry anyway, users can just add their chosen app (and keybindings) themselves.

#16 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » New Debian "Jessie" Packages » 2015-04-16 09:57:49

smacz wrote:

What's the difference between the ~/.config/openbox/autostart files that I'm used to and the ~/.config/autostart file that is new to me.

~/.config/openbox/autostart is a file that openbox runs just before it starts up. It's a piece of shell script in fact.

~/.config/autostart is a directory that has long existed. Any .desktop files placed there will be executed not only by openbox but various other Desktop Environments. It's a local equivalent of /etc/xdg/autostart

#17 Re: Development » menu.xml correction » 2015-04-16 09:52:22

Anyway it is very strange.

obmenu on Wheezy not only reads menu entries defined with <command>...</command>, it also writes new entries that way!

The exact same version of obmenu on Jessie fails to recogize <command> and writes new entries with <execute>...</execute>


#18 Re: Development » menu.xml correction » 2015-04-16 05:43:20

^ <command> is correct, and as you say obmenu had no problems with it in Wheezy.
The version numbers of obmenu in Wheezy and Jessie are the same, so maybe there is something with the python packages in Jessie?

Jessie is still "testing" so maybe it will be fixed...

#19 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » New Debian "Jessie" Packages » 2015-04-16 05:16:44

Thank you - I'm going to have a look at those.

#20 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » How clean is your $HOME? » 2015-04-15 06:23:42

KrunchTime wrote:
woodape wrote:

Do you have a "$HOME/.config/user-dirs.dirs" file? If so does it have


Yes, the file exists, but the XDG_DOCUMENTS_DIR= line reads "$HOME/", as do all but the templates line

Every time you login, 'xdg-user-dirs-update' runs, and for every directory listed in $HOME/.config/user-dirs.dirs if the directory doesn't exist it will rewrite the entry to $HOME/.

#21 Re: Development » BunsenLabs Development Team and current status » 2015-04-14 07:10:49

The apps list is a topic that hasn't yet been exhaustively studied. Some things have been decided, like viewnior>mirage, volti for volume (I think), Gimp in the welcome script...

Most of it will be like CrunchBang - it's what people expect, and what will in fact be needed mostly. Don't get too hung up on that temporary Wally list - that was just an attempt to clone Waldorf. In fact, I doubt if there will be extensive discussions of apps to leave out/add ... a "suggestions for Janice" thread went on for pages and pages... Everyone has their favourites and it's impossible to reach a consensus, so I think it will be safest to stay close to the CrunchBang list. Philip didn't do such a bad job actually. smile

Eventually there will be metapackages to pull it all in.

#22 Re: Development » Wally - a Waldorf replica on a Jessie netinstall » 2015-04-14 07:02:01

There is some overlap but it doesn't matter. Important (to us) packages should be left in I think, just in case they are dropped from the netinstall "system utilities" later.

#23 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » are ChrunchBang repo's going away? » 2015-04-14 01:15:25

No, only in a virtual box, and that very seldom. It's already served its purpose I think.
Everyday use is still Wheezy, and testing is a sub-sub-alpha BunsenLabs - which I broke yesterday and have to reinstall. neutral

#24 Re: Development » Sort of poor man's debian alternatives... » 2015-04-14 00:52:58

BTW the default applications in BL Hydrogen will be:

bl-text-editor: geany
bl-image-viewer: mirage
bl-file-manager: thunar
bl-media-player: vlc

I don't think those are too likely to change.

x-www-browser will probably be iceweasel, but
x-terminal-emulator has not yet been decided.
Anyway, the Debian alternatives system will handle those last two for us, setting to whatever has been installed.

#25 Re: Development » BunsenLabs Development Team and current status » 2015-04-14 00:45:28

KrunchTime wrote:
johnraff wrote:

Packaging Roadmap

What's the anticipated date that stage 5 will be finished?

Sorry, it's the usual "when it's ready". Anyway ASAP.

another question.  How hard would it be to convert an existing Wally setup to a BunsenLabs setup?

Quite hard I'd say, or at least quite messy. That's why Wally isn't presented as a pre-release BunsenLabs, but as a development tool. It will probably be easier to backup what you want to keep and do a fresh install of BunsenLabs (when it's ready big_smile  ).

One other question...are there plans to put out a rolling version of BunsenLabs?  I remember talk about it here in the forums, but I don't remember anything official being stated.

I don't think that's going to happen. It would have to be based on Debian Sid, which a number of people here on the forums use and like but requires a certain level of experience to deal with the breakages that occur sometimes. Of course it is possible to upgrade a Debian Jessie system to Sid if you want to.

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