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#1 2015-08-03 16:04:16

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Running KVM GPU Passthrough from a LiveCD

Hi guys!

I have recently, successfully set up  KVM with GPU passthrough (GTX 750TI).
I patched the 3.18.0 Kernel with ACS / i915 and followed this guide:

Now I wanted to use remastersys, in order to create a Live CD of that system, to be able to run such gpu passed Virtual Machines from a Live CD.

After creating and booting the LiveCD, I get the following error when I run the script, that initiates the virtual machine:

vfio: error no iommu_group for device

I have realized, that remastersys does not include the grub.cfg in /boot/grub/grub.cfg , since it uses isolinux as a bootloader.
This could be the reason for the problem, seeing as the error code relates to the iommu parameters missing in the boot config.
Is there some way I could force Remastersys to use my grub bootloader, with the specific parameters for virtualization?



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