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#1 2013-11-19 17:44:15

#! Junkie
From: Winnipeg, MB Canada
Registered: 2009-07-08
Posts: 263

It's da bluez, girl

After an apt-get upgrade when I encountered "the following packages have been kept back

gdm3 gnome-session-bin gnome-settings-daemon gsettings-desktop-schemas

apt-get dist-upgrade was going to add 30 GTK3 programs I just said "n"  It looks like the feature bloat of bluez dependencies is coming back. 

I did do

apt-get install libmozjs185-1.0

for iceweasel - but it looks like I will be looking at this for awhile.

My hazy memory makes me think that if I was to do the full dist-upgrade and then apt-get purge bluez then an apt-get autoremove would remove the GTK3 bluez and girl and gnome-shell .  But no, I can just keep hitting "n" 

I also see that a dist-upgrade wants to add systemd.    sigh.  I will, just say "n" for now

Jean Vanier wrote "Being Human" and "A Short History of Progress" by Ronald Wright.  Gotta love the Massey Lectures.


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